Friday, February 14, 2020

8 bite-sized steps for setting up your work-from-home business

Are you all geared up to launch that micro business from wherever you are based and with whatever time you can scrape together to work in? Try out these teeny-tiny steps to create your dream work-from-home business.

Here are some first steps you can begin with:
1.     Write down the basics of what you need to do to launch your business/brand/service/career. When you create a map of the direction you need to take, the journey is much easier and there are fewer chances of getting lost in a cloud of overwhelm.
2.   Assign timeframes and deadlines to the baby steps. When you do this, you strive towards finishing up the tasks within a reasonable amount of time, instead of letting those stretch. You’re also more inclined to stick to some kind of schedule when you know the timelines of your to-dos.
3.   Set up a web presence. Whether you’re creating a virtual venture or setting up a brick-and-mortar shop, you still need to create a web presence these days. And when you work-from-home from the boondocks, then a web page or even a Facebook business page goes a long way in letting your target community know about the services or products that you plan to offer.

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

5 Kinds of Military Wives who start Work-from-home Entrepreneurial Careers

Over the years, I’ve met lots of service wives, all talented and well-qualified, but very few who take what they have to start a meaningful work-from-home venture, from where they are. I agree that the challenges of the defence services lifestyle are unique and not exactly nurturing towards lady wives with long-term careers. But still, it is NOT impossible to be a work-from-home diva. 

Successful Milpreneurs

It was this quest to connect with other work-from-home lady bosses that nudged me to start The Brigade that Builds Brands, a popular series that turns the spotlight on fauji wife entrepreneurs.

I’ve found that there are certain kinds of traits that make these ladies launch a venture from remote areas of the country. 

Here are the 5 kinds of women who strive to create brands from the boondocks, while making their home in fauji/military bases across India:

1.     The “I see the glass as half-full” kind of fauji wives: Like I said before, we have plenty of variables in our military lifestyle that can throw a spanner in the works when it comes to working-from-home in a self-created venture. But these ladies always see what’s working in favor of them in any given situation or posting and use it to their advantage while creating work schedules and career goals. Instead of choosing to find problems that hold them back, they look at the positives i.e. they don’t say the glass is half-empty, but instead, it’s half-full.

2.    The “Take the bull by the horns” kind of fauji wives: Whether it’s a welfare meet or Ladies Club program to arrange, a party or official do to be attended, a business plan to be created or a professional course that’s necessary for their career development, these military/fauji wives just go ahead and do what’s needed without spending too much time talking about it. I’ve noticed that when you jump into the rabbit hole of too much planning and discussion and mulling over the if’s and but’s (very apt for all those long “meetings” that fauji wives are famous for while planning their events!), there’s more chatter and less of productive action.

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