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"Be Your Own Boss From Anywhere" - An online course for aspiring work from home fauji wife solopreneurs


An online course for fauji wives who aspire to be work-from-home solopreneurs, and would like to continue working through the unique challenges of the military lifestyle

Have you often looked for work-from-home jobs that you could work at from your remote area postings, and found none that suited your skill-level, talents and expectations?

Have you found yourself saying “I’m not able to have a career because I’m married to a man in uniform”?

Do you feel that you have the skills and qualifications to do well in a career, but cannot because you are a military spouse?


What if you could create a portable, work-from-home small business or passion project that you could nurture and grow as you move from one posting to another, without the overwhelm, anxiety and procrastination that often comes up when you’re thinking of being a solopreneur? 

What if you could work from the remote areas you are posted to, while also giving time to your military spouse commitments, looking after your home, spending plenty of time with your kids and doing the “solo parenting” routine when your husband is deployed?

What if you could finally stop looking for jobs that would let you work from wherever you are posted at And consider your unique military wife challenges (sudden postings, erratic internet, social commitments that pop up last minute)?


“Thanks a ton for your guidance. What you shared really put courage in my heart and I’m now ready for the handwork to follow. Thank you again for helping me find my way.” Kritika, Army wife, Founder - PahadiKitty and illustrator

It bakes tried and tested methods into the process that a fauji wife can work on, to go from dreaming about having her own work-from-home solopreneur career to actually being her own boss.

Create your own work-from-home/online career around your passion and skills, And continue growing your offerings/services through the doable and simple steps outlined in this online course.

I’ve been self-employed for the last 14+ years, creating multiple micro businesses and passion projects online, from the remote areas we have ben posted to. 


“It was morale boosting. You suggested some key points that have served as the impetus to get me working. What you have achieved is truly inspiring! Thank You!” Nandini Nitin, Air Force wife, mom, Kuchipudi dancer and new YouTuber.

I’ll share:

  • how you can get into the driver’s seat of your career and create an entrepreneur mindset

  • how you can zero down on which skills/passion to build your brand around 

  • ways to skill up even when you are based out of a remote areas 

  • how to launch your brand/passion project through a series of baby steps 

  • how you can continue working through the unique situations and challenges that our fauji life often throws at us, like postings, poor internet, long phases of solo parenting during deployments and multiple social obligations while juggling work deadlines


Many ladies aspire to have fulfilling careers while being married to men in uniform, but very few actually go ahead and fulfil their professional dreams. Most believe that it’s downright impossible to do so, while many get caught up in the tangle woods of how and where to start building a solopreneur career.

So, how will this course help you?

  • You’ll address the mindset issues that have been holding you back from being a self-employed solopreneur. You’ll face your fears, the excuses and myths that are your own or have come from what other people have told you. 

  • You’ll find out how you can choose a skill or passion to craft a career around and how you can visit it from different angles to fit your Fauji wife life situations.

  • You’ll discover ways to up skill and upgrade your qualifications from remote areas, before you begin building your career.

  • You’ll learn how to launch your passion project, put your products/services out into the world and build your own tribe through a series of simple steps, without letting fear hold you back. 

  • You’ll find out how you can continue working as a solopreneur even while juggling the unique life situations that are part and parcel of our military life. 

  • You’ll discover ways to manage your time better and work even when the kids are being homeschooled or if you have small children at home. 

  • You’ll learn how to take care of your health and nurture your own wellbeing while working on your career, taking care of the kids, looking after the home and contributing to the military community. 

  • You’ll learn how to build a career that enables you to not only work from home and market online, but also how you can tweak it as you move through different postings, challenges and portfolios. 

  • You’ll find out how to develop a successful Milpreneur (Military Wife Solopreneur) Mindset with my own tips from 14+ years as a solopreneur with an international freelance journalism/ writing career, a Certified Health Coach, creative writing teacher, authorpreneur and artist! 

  • Testimonial:

“Thank you so much for all of your helpful tips and content…I have finally become a Tarot Card Reader. I am simply loving it and I am very grateful to you. Thank you for being there.” - Sanjna Nayar, Army wife, mom & a happy Tarot reader


Be Your Own Boss From Anywhere is a step-by-step guide that takes you through the process of creating a work-from-home, online solopreneur career on the move. 

From creating an entrepreneur mindset and working through what’s holding you back, managing your time better, choosing the right skill/talent to build your business around, upgrading your skills from wherever you are based, launching your passion project through doable baby steps and gathering skills to help you work through the thick and thin of this military lifestyle, this course is packed with tried-and-tested (first hand by me) tips and guidelines delivered in a user-friendly way.

Module 1: Create An Entrepreneur Mindset

Find out your real reasons for building a work-from-home solopreneur career

Figure out why and how you’re coming in your own way

Slash through those excuses

De-mystify the myths about being self-employed

Work through self-sabotaging beliefs

Get to know what a work-from-home lifestyle is all about

Module 2: Building Your Solopreneur Brand/Passion Project Around A Skill/Talent

Zeroing down on the skills/passion to build your project/brand around

Ways to upskill

Where to learn online

Turning your passion into a micro business

Module 3: Setting Up Your Home Office

How to create a space dedicated to your work

Importance of a Home Office

How to stay focused amidst the distractions of daily life

How to set up a makeshift office in your transit accommodation and work effectively

Module 4: Launching Your Solopreneur Brand As A Military Wife

Baby steps to putting your work out there and launching your solopreneur business

Balancing work with your military wife commitments

Working with rules at military bases

Caring for your own health and wellbeing

Module 5: Work-Life Balance

Managing work when your husband is deployed

Working when your kids are small

Working through postings, erratic Internet and other unique military life challenges

Module 6: The Path Ahead

Traits of a successful Milpreneur


This course is right for you if:

You’re married to a man in uniform and have been wondering how to set up a portable career online, from home

You want to utilise your skills/qualifications/talents to create a passion project 

You want to have a career that you won’t have to give up because of postings and the other unique challenges that come with the military/para military lifestyle

You want a career that you can juggle along with your military spouse commitments and duties

You don’t want to wait for years till your husband retires to finally give your dreams a shot

You would like to carve out your own identity, earn from your skills and be a military wife solopreneur

This course is Not right for you, if:

You are looking for work-from-home job openings/listings

You are looking for a readymade work-from-home job

You would rather be an employee rather than be your own boss

Are you ready to FINALLY set up your work-from-home solopreneur passion project/ micro business/ brand?

Be Your Own Boss From Anywhere is like a handbook for my fellow military wives, with baby steps to everything from starting with an entrepreneur mindset to launching that work-from-home brand to juggling work with all kinds of life and military commitments. 


“Got to know many points that had been blocking me and how to rectify them. Main was time management because since I work from home, there are a lot of distractions. The know-how shared was very helpful!” - Rekha Prabhu, Air Force wife and artist & solopreneur

To make this online course easily affordable for military wives with a dream, I am offering this course at a minimum fee, as compared to the fee that a premium and in-depth course like this would generally be priced at.

You will have lifetime access to this material and can download the presentations and checklists, and save it on your device for easy access too.

You can work through the course at one go or at your own pace.



To enrol in this course, email me chandanabanerjeewrites@gmail.com or WhatsApp me at 842790938.

About Chandana Banerjee: Hi! I’m Chandana Banerjee, an author, writer, artist, Certified Health Coach, and Micro Biz Coach for stay-at-home moms and military wives. I am also a military wife and a homeschooling mom, who lives and works from remote corners of the country, through the same unique challenges of a military wife lifestyle. 

I’ve created multiple micro solopreneur ventures over the last 14+ years. From writing and publishing several articles in magazines and publications across India and the world, writing a blog, coaching busy women to help them meet their wellness goals, publishing a green wellness online magazine, creating and selling my quirky art, and writing non-fiction books that have made it to the Amazon bestseller list in the New Releases section, my chequered self-employed career has been build around my passions and interests. 

I enjoy teaching workshops, both online and in-person, and helping women create joyful & purpose-driven lifestyles within their home and from wherever they are, on the map or in life. 

Join me in the ‘Be Your Own Boss From Anywhere’ online course, as I share everything I have learnt in this journey as a work-from-home military wife solopreneur, to help you Create, Launch and Manage a passion project or micro business from remote corners of the country.


Wanna start your fauji wife solopreneur journey? Get this course for a very pocket-friendly price.

Rs 1,800

To enrol in this course, email me chandanabanerjeewrites@gmail.com or WhatsApp me at 8427989038.

Let me know your name and that you are interested in enrolling.

You can Register by paying the course fee via:


Online Bank Transfer

Hope you enjoy the course! :)

Note: No refund, unless there is a special circumstance

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