Tuesday, February 26, 2019

6 Common Challenges you Encounter as a Work-from-home Military Wife

I’ve been a work-from-home military spouse for 13 years now. From working for a small publishing company to leading a pitch-and-query life of a freelance journalist and content writer, to starting an on-phone health coaching practice, I’ve done an assortment of work. Like many military wives, I’ve worked from bases in the boondocks most of the time, with erratic internet, too many social commitments and odd comments about this strange work-from-home life that I lead.
Create a work-from-home career on the move!

Here’s a bucket list of everything that you stumble across as a military wife, who works-from-home:
1.     Spotty or non-existent internet: While fast internet connectivity is taken for granted in “big cities”, when you’re in the boondocks, this is a rare commodity. I’ve spent countless hours tearing my hair out when I’ve missed my deadline just because the internet refused to boot up. I’ve also had to take sabbaticals because either it took too long to get an internet connection at a new base or because the internet cables got cut & it took ages (read: 6 months) to mend them.
2.    Power cuts: Almost every small town base you’re based in has a regular schedule for long periods of power cuts. “Load Shedding” as it’s called, can play havoc into your work, especially if you don’t yet have an inverter or, even when you have one, the battery’s given up because the power cut has spilled into the next day.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

‘The Work-At-Home Military Wife’: Why is it a necessary read for military spouses with ambitions and professional dreams of their own?

Hello friends! I have some happy news to share. I’ve just released my first #Kindlebook about creating a work-from-home lifestyle on the move (The Work-At-Home Military Wife – A quickstart guide to creating a pack-and-carry career and work-from-home lifestyle on the move) + a Free ebook with 25 legit work-from-home careers.

(on Amazon)

While there are lots of books on work-at-home jobs, there weren’t any for the always-on-the-move military wife. But why is a book like this even necessary, you may ask?

Here’s why:

We’re always on the move. And when you’re on the move, you’re moving on to a new base, a new part of the country (or world), new friends and new horizons. It’s difficult to hold down a permanent job, unless you’re in the military yourself. This often leaves us wondering about what we can do at this new place and how we can use our education and talents to get a job.

We’re often in the boondocks. Several military bases are in farflung areas of the country, with zero job opportunities. In such situations, the choice is often between not working and well, not working.

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