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This is my online notebook, where I write about things that I'm passionate about - creating portable micro businesses as military wives and moms, featuring military wife entrepreneurs, homeschooling in India, and crafting a purposeful at-home lifestyle. Since this blog is a "journal & a journey", you'll find lifestyle articles in here too. Before I started blogging about the military lifestyle, micro business and homeschooling, I wrote about motherhood and mindful living, self-care and sari style.

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Somewhere between giving birth and looking after my baby boy, I realized that I had words knocking around my head that needed to burst out, to tango to their own tune, to fall into stories that were waiting to be told. That's how the blog was born. But over the years, it has taken on a personality of its own and is like a cookie jar full of eclectic topics.

Apart from being a blogger, homeschooling mom, military wife and micro business coach, I’m also an author & writer, an artist & founder of Jugnoo Story Art, a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a green gal and a lifelong student. In a nutshell, I'm a multi-passionate professional with multiple micro brands.

10 things you didn't know about me:

1. I LOVE to read. In fact, I’m downright obsessive about it. I’ve read while nursing my son, while waiting at bus stops, while cooking. I carry a book or my Kindle everywhere I go, and cram in a page or two every chance I get.

2. I used to be a closet illustrator, till I "came out" as an artist. I love creating picture-book kind of illustrations in my sketchbook. I launched my art business last year and it's called Jugnoo Story Art.

3. I’m a lawyer by qualification. I know, you’d never guess this one. I studied law for five years (and liked it too), but joined the workforce as a writer. I guess that says something about my love for words.

4. My favorite kind of day is about spending time with my husband and son at our sunny home, while watching a ‘my-kind-of’ movie, and sharing a nourishing home-cooked meal that I’ve rustled up for my folks.

5. I’m married to a fighter pilot. Did you just say “WOW”? Sigh. Yes, I hear that all the time. But really, fighter pilots are regular people. Simple, fun people.

6. I loathe advice. That given by well-meaning friends or family. Whether in the form of tips or as long-winded lecture, advice doesn’t go well with me.

7. I’m honest. Sometimes too honest for my own good. I can’t do diplomacy and that often lands me in trouble.

8. I'm a very non-typical military wife - I don't do small talk, can't do late night parties to save my life, can't yet figure out how the "samosa-chai-dance-drama' welfare meets are empowering all of us, and not a big fan of authority.

9. I’m goofy. I look way too serious and quiet, but seriously, I can be quite nutty. 

10. I'm a "multipotenialite" i.e. someone with too many ideas buzzing in her head, multiple micro brands and several professional avatars. 


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