Monday, August 29, 2016

5 Tips to get you started on the Sari + Spectacles combo

Till a few months ago, I held the same notion as a lot of women. The idea that glasses cannot be paired with a sari. 

I would scrabble for my contact lens, hastily popping them in because I just didn’t want to sport a pair of spectacles while dressing up in my sari. Though I’ve grown quite comfortable with my glasses (I’ve been wearing them since I was 8 years old and yes, I did eat my carrots) and don’t just write them off as home-wear, when it came to decking up for a party, I’d stuff them back in their case, truly believing that a marriage between glasses and saris was just not that conducive.

However, these past few months, I’ve developed a new sort of respect for my glasses. I’ve been choosing spectacles over contact lens because the latter has been making my eyes dry, and what started as a quest for comfort has developed into a wholesome respect for this necessary accessory.

Gingerly experimenting, I also started wearing them with saris, and soon discovered that they actually notch up my sari style. And they actually bring out the true me – a nerdy sari girl, who’s equal parts introvert and extrovert.

So, if you wear spectacles too (or thinking of getting a pair as an accessory), but haven’t tried teaming them up with a sari, then here are 6 tips to get started:

Choose a spectacle frame that you really like and that suits your face. While some inputs from the salesperson is okay, finally go in for a pair that you like the most. Because if you don’t like it much now, you’re sure to not wear it once you bring it home.

Darker or thicker frames go better with saris than rimless ones. This is just my opinion based on what I’ve observed over the years as a spectacle wearer, but I do feel that spectacle frames in black, brown, tortoise shell, wine red, deep blue and dark gray look so much more apt with saris. (However, if you’re more comfortable with rimless ones or with frames in very light colors, then that’s totally up to you.)

Get the right kind of lenses for your glasses. If you wear powered spectacles, do ask the person at the optical shop to lay out the options for you. There are a variety of lenses in the market today, and I like to use lenses that are light, easy to clean, smudge-free, has UV rays protection, and does not reflect back. This cuts out eye strain and the constant annoyance at having to clean it every second.

Define your eyes with kohl before you wear your spectacles. Or, if you enjoy more elaborate eye makeup complete with mascara and eye-shadow, then a smoky look will go well with your glasses.

Avoid using eye makeup that smudges easily because then there’ll be smudges on your glasses and believe me, it is tedious to keep cleaning them all the time.

All you need to do is wear your glasses with saris a few times before feeling more comfortable with this pairing. So, go ahead and tap that inner geeky diva inside you with this sari + spectacles look.

What holds you back from wearing glasses with saris? What kind of spectacle styles do you like? Hope over to our Facebook Page to let us know or write a comment below.

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  1. Excellent article.
    I always wonder how to carry specs with saree. Just love the way you cleared the whole confusion.Now on imI going to follow your advice n enjoy wearing saree with spects as I always wanted to.
    Thanks a lot😊

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