Monday, August 22, 2016

How to pair shirts with saris – 8 tips to get you started

Who said that shirts can only be worn with a pair of pants or denims?? As crazy as it may sound, shirts pair up well with 6-yards of gorgeousness aka the sari. They not only notch up your sari style tremendously but also make you stand out in a sea of pretty tailored blouses and carefully put-together sari ensembles.

Here are my tips on diving right into this quirky sari style.

1. Look around your closet for shirts that are a snug fit. To create any sari style, you don’t have to spend a fortune and you’ll be amazed by what you already own that you can re-purpose and use to create new looks. For this shirt + sari combo, I like to pull out those shirts of mine that belonged to my pre-mom life. They’re a tad too snug to be worn with pants and this makes them the perfect little things to be teamed up with saris.

2. Choose shirts in solid colors to go with printed/striped/patterned saris, while your printed shirts can go well with your plainer saris. Note: Do not wear patterned shirts with printed saris as it’ll all get too busy and crowded.

3. If your shirts are long, just tuck them into your petticoat, and then drape the sari.

4. If you have a figure to flaunt, you can even wear a short shirt and drape your sari with the pallu in the front.

5. Try teaming your sari and shirt ensemble with a belt.

6. Try wearing a white or black shirt with a rich silk sari. Alternatively, wear a jewel-colored silk shirt with a crisp cotton sari or a breezy Chanderi.

7. Accessorize this outfit with a long string of beads and a big, round bindi, if you please. Avoid a choker-style necklace or anything that’s close to the neck because you don’t want the shirt collar and the necklace jostling for attention.

8. Choose a pair of Punjabi juttis or the traditional nut brown Kohlapuri chappals to complete your outfit. If heels are what you prefer, a pair of wedges or boots will look good.

Now strut out in style and be ready to stand out!

For more sari styling tips, here's the entire series.

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