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3 types of gorgeous flat footwear to wear with your sari

Now that you’ve got your blouses, accessories and jewellery figured out, let’s talk about shoes (here's the entire sari style series). I'm sure, a lot of you could beat Imelda Marcos when it comes to flaunting a prolific shoe collection. But the kind of shoes I’m about to talk about, may not fit into a typical shoe collector’s shelf.

This is not about Jimmy Choos and Loubotins, or pencil-thin stilettos and bling-encrusted sandals. Since I personally can’t flaunt a pair of heels more than an inch high, and flats are what my feet feel cared for in, I want to talk about the kind of flat footwear that can be teamed up with saris.

But wait, I get it. A marriage of saris and flats isn’t the kind of pairing that you might have ever imagined. What if you trip over your petticoat or sari pleat? What if it makes you look stout and not the towering diva that you thought a sari should make you look? What if your flats look well, really flat, when compared to a pair of sparkly stilettos or a pair of velvety peep-toes?

Since here at this blog, we always talk about breaking stereotypes when it comes to sari-wearing and style, let’s get right to the topic of the kind of flat footwear that’ll not only notch up your sari style but will also make your sari experience more comfortable.

3 kinds of flat footwear to wear with your saris:

Source (Pastels & Pop)

Punjabi juttis or mojri: I love these handcrafted traditional Indian flat slip-ons that are made in Punjab. Priced reasonably, you can choose from a variety of styles, depending on the kind of look that you prefer. You can go in for the ones with brocade, crystal or ghungroos in gold or silver, or revel in the embroidered ones, the kind that is my personal favorite. Then there are the designer kinds, with a variety of patterns and motifs, each more exotic than the other and priced more than the regular juttis (juttis from Pastels & Pop are drool-worthy!)).

Juttis can be worn with all kinds of saris – cotton, silk and chiffon.

Source (The Sole Sisters)

Kohlapuris: Flat leather slippers, traditionally handcrafted in Maharashtra and available in shades of camel and nut brown, these look gorgeous with all kinds of traditional outfits. You can now find slippers like the kolhapuris in a rainbow of solid colors. I personally have pairs in lime green, ice-cream pink and gold, as well as a few pairs of the traditional brown ones. Apart from being budget-friendly, these are very durable. I’ve been wearing mine for the past seven years and they’re still not scuffed. You could even go in for some of the designer kohlapuri chappals with lots of embellishments. These especially look good when teamed with crisp cotton saris or buttery soft silks.

Kutchi jootis: A handmade and embroidered variety of leather flats from the region of Kutch, these are butter soft and extremely comfortable. Ideal for the kind of days/occasions when you have to spend a lot of time on your feet, these are gorgeous to look at and if you’re a craft aficionado like me, you’re sure to crave a pair. I’m yet to find one (these are mostly available for purchase in Gujarat or in a handful of stores across India) and can’t wait to covet a pair that I can take to town. Again, these will complete any kind of sari and can be worn for any occasion.

3 tips to prevent you from tripping or stumbling when wearing flat footwear with saris:

Source (Pastels & Pop)

Wear a shorter petticoat. A long petticoat will most likely make you trip and stumble on it.

Tuck you sari pleats well. Before you tuck them into your petticoat, make sure that all your pleats are at the same length and there isn’t an errant one hanging lower than the others. Also, tuck them up a bit higher than what you would when you wear sandals with heels.

Pull up your pleats slightly with one hand if you’re climbing stairs or walking at a faster pace. This is just an added precaution to make sure that you don’t trip on your sari.

What kind of flat footwear do you like to team up with saris? Do you have any favorite brand/online store that you purchase them from?

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