Writing Samples

Here are a few of my published clips. 

magazine articles framed on the wall
Photo by Jason Briscoe on Unsplash

She found a way to make plastic waste useful - The Christian Science Monitor

Prakash Kaur Bibi: Rescuing India’s Abandoned Girls – Al Jazeera 

The Toy Maker Who Weaves Trash into Educational Gold – Bright Reads – Medium 

A Collection of Travel Posts – Make My Trip

Military Spouses Starting Small Businesses – Scroll.in

It's Copper Age all over again in India - Scroll.in

Innovative Science Educators – Scroll.in

Sari Donors in India – Scroll.in

Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy for Pets – Animal Wellness

Sindhutai Sapkal: The Mother of Over 1000 Abandoned Children – Silver Talkies

Women’s Health Issues After 55 and How to Prevent Them – Silver Talkies

Silvers at Work – Silver Talkies

A Stitch in Time – Silver Talkies

Running a Green Business From Home – Silver Talkies

10 Things I Wish I’d Known About Postpartum Depression – Power of Moms

The Craft Coteries of Pune – India Currents

Mompreneurs – India Currents

The Vibrant, Versatile Sari – India Currents

Kattaikuttu: A Tryst with Theatre and Tradition – India Currents

Bringing India Home – India Currents

Land of Tigers and Forts – India Currents

A Literary Spa Experience – India Currents

Bombay to Barcelona – India Currents

7 Lifestyle Strategies To Mitigate Those Migraines – Guided Synergy

What’s Changed For Freelance Writers – The Hoot.org

Stories From Sex Workers – The Hoot.org

Airwaves Of Hope – The Hoot.org

Out To Empower – The Hoot.org

Keeping Alive The Tibetan Spirit – One World South Asia (originally published in Hoot.org)

Tibetan Magic – Travel Thru History

Fix It With Lemons – Femina.in

A Green State of Mind – Femina.in

Decorate With Flowers Like a Pro – Femina.in

This Ganesh Chaturthi, Go Eco-sensitive – Femina.in


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