I's love to collaborate with you.

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Here's how we can work together:

Be featured on our blog. We feature work-from-home solopreneurs, change makers, greenpreneurs, socialpreneurs, authorpreneurs and creativepreneurs.

Ask us to review your product. We review products that are either eco-friendly or handmade or based on a craft tradition. 

Send us your book to be reviewed.

Collaborate with us for sponsored posts.

Write a guest post for us.

Ask me to teach a workshop, conduct a coaching session or write content for your blog.

You can write to me at

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  1. Why Dont you also write about social topics.. Issues that are neglected by media b coz they don't buy them money.. Please go through Prafultikoo.Simplesite.Com and bring this issue to the forefront if you can.


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