Be Your Own Boss From Anywhere 

An online course for fauji wives who aspire to be work-from-home solopreneurs, and would like to continue working through the unique challenges of the military lifestyle.

Have you often looked for work-from-home jobs that you could work at from your remote area postings, and found none that suited your skill-level, talents and expectations?

Have you found yourself saying “I’m not able to have a career because I’m married to a man in uniform”?

Do you feel that you have the skills and qualifications to do well in a career, but cannot because you are a military spouse?


What if you could create a portable, work-from-home small business or passion project that you could nurture and grow as you move from one posting to another, without the overwhelm, anxiety and procrastination that often comes up when you’re thinking of being a solopreneur? 

Be Your Own Boss From Anywhere will give you the best hacks and strategies to cut through the overwhelm and the roadblocks in this solopreneur journey and minimise the amount of time it takes to set up a career/passion project/small business on the go. And all this by taking baby steps and focusing on what you love to do best.

It bakes tried and tested methods into the process that a fauji wife can work on, to go from dreaming about having her own work-from-home solopreneur career to actually being her own boss.

Create your own work-from-home/online career around your passion and skills, And continue growing your offerings/services through the doable and simple steps outlined in this online course.

In this course, I share everything that I’ve learnt over the past 14+ years as a work-from-home solopreneur with multiple micro businesses and passion projects online, through trial and error, to help you create a work-from-home, portable career you love and enjoy and save you the time and tears in your solopreneur journey.

  • Testimonials: What fauji wives are saying about my solopreneur coaching tips and tools...

“Thank you so much for all of your helpful tips and content…I have finally become a Tarot Card Reader and solopreneur. I am simply loving it and I am very grateful to you. Thank you for being there.” - Sanjna Nayar, Army wife, mom & a happy Tarot reader

“Got to know many points that had been blocking me and how to rectify them. Main was time management because since I work from home, there are a lot of distractions. The know-how shared was very helpful!” - Rekha Prabhu, Air Force wife and artist & solopreneur

“Thanks a ton for your guidance. What you shared really put courage in my heart and I’m now ready for the handwork to follow. Thank you again for helping me find my way.” Kritika, Army wife, Founder - PahadiKitty and illustrator


There are 6 Modules and 24 lessons in this online course hosted in a private Facebook educational forum. 

There are video introductions to each module and each lesson is delivered through presentations with audio narration. Many of the lessons have additional checklists for you to download and work through.

You will have lifetime access to this material and can download the presentations and checklists, and save it on your device for easy access too.

You can work through the course at one go or at your own pace.

To make this online course easily affordable for military wives with a dream, I am offering this course at a minimum fee, as compared to the fee that a premium and in-depth course like this would generally be priced at.



To enrol in this course, email me or WhatsApp me at 8427989038.

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