Wednesday, November 16, 2016

6 Ways to carry off a super short hairstyle with your sari

I remember a friend growing out her hair. “I want to start wearing saris and a short hairstyle just won’t do,” was her reply.

At that time, I had longer hair and it made me wonder if chopping off my locks would affect how I’d look in a sari. Or rather, should it have an impact on my sari wearing or how I carried off the garment?

Fast forward a few more years - I had traded my barely long locks for a Paige boy cut, and was falling in love with the sari. After wearing saris with my short hairstyle, that’s swung between a longish paige boy cut to super short pixie cut, here are some ways that I get my sari look right with short hairstyle.

1. I make sure I get a good if not great hair cut. (Why I even settle for decent over perfect is that I move all across the country, and it’s only through trial and error that I discover some stylists who can do justice to a very short hair style. I’ve had the honor of going to some very well-known hair salons only to come out with a haircut that looked very much like the Gollywog’s. At the same time, I’ve gone to some very small places and come back with a haircut that’s made heads turn.) So, while the outcome of a haircut isn’t always mine to predict, I do feel if you’re wearing your hair short, a good haircut can make all the difference.

2. I use a kohl pencil to define my eyes. Most of the time, it’s the only eye make-up I do, but it makes all the difference and adds an edge to one’s face and even hair style.

3. Wear jhumkas or dangling earrings. Go wild and try very large earrings because with short hair, these will look awesome!

4. Wear a big, round bindi or a really intricate one. I favor the red, rising-sun like bindis, or lately, have been trying out orbs in black and other colors.

5. Wear a chunky nosepin or even a nath, if you like. With short hair, it’s all about breaking the stereotypes, and mixing a look that’s considered ‘western’ with the traditionalism of a sari.

6. Alternatively, if you want to do without a bindi or earrings, try just simple pearl tops for your ears, but a beautiful, statement necklace to play the contrast.

How do you like to style your sari look around a short hairstyle?

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