Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Sari Love – Priya Kadapa Shah and her eclectic sari style

Here's my next guest at Sari Love - Priya Kadapa Shah, an entrepreneur and educator from Mumbai, who wears her eclectic collection of handloom saris with panache.

Please tell us about yourself – what you do, where do you live, your interests, family.

I am a chartered accountant by profession, and a teacher by occupation. I run a coaching academy and teach accounts, costing, economics, finance and taxation as well as French to college students. And hopefully influence their career choices and also open up their horizons. I love finding new talent and promoting them and I help to organize exhibitions for designers. I am a voracious reader and a closet writer:)

I stay in Mumbai, with my husband who is perpetually travelling ;)and two kids- my daughter is 12 and son is 7.

I absolutely love your sari style. How would you describe it?

It's elegant with a dash of quirkiness and ethnic with a blend of the contemporary.

What kind of saris do you enjoy wearing, and what kind of occasions do you wear them for?

I am hard core cotton Saree person , I love Sarees that are thick and rough with a body and a texture. In silks, again I prefer thick silks like a Kanjeewaram or desi tussar or raw silks.

I don't really look for an occasion to wear a Saree- I think a Saree for me is an integral part of my life and wardrobe . I have worn Sarees on school runs, while grocery shopping, meeting friends and of course for family functions and social gatherings. And even on the beach as a sarong and with a jacket in the mountains.

Do you wear the sari the simple way, where you use what you have to create new styles or do you enjoy a more decadent style, with different kinds of blouses/jewellery/footwear (Please share photos)?

I wear it the simple way and have also worn it in newer styles for the fun element or to jazz up the old Saree by giving it a new drape.And yes, blouses are a great way to make the same Saree look different. I also love using accessories- could be Jewellry, or shoes or handbags or even sunglasses to add to my look. Doing my hair in different ways is also something I have experimented with along with newer Saree styles to jazz up the look.

What’s an interesting way to accessorize the sari, as per you?

One piece of statement Jewellry - could be earrings or a neckpiece or a hair accessory - and since I have a bag fetish- a bag that's too not too big or too small- and which matches the aesthetics of the Saree. Try using clutches, slings, jholas, ethnic totes, potlis- I tend to avoid very western looking glossy bags with the Sarees I wear. A proper bag will add so much more to the look of the Saree.

What’s your best tip for those who love the sari, but are hesitant about wearing it more often?

Start by wearing it once a fortnight for " non-occasions"- this will help to reduce your trepidation and people around you will get used to seeing you in a Saree :)

Wear it for your work or even at home or to a school meeting - you will get habituated to wearing it and working in it.

And trust me , the appreciation and compliments , said and unsaid that a Saree  invariable garners , will propel you further :)

Let your inner goddess shine!

Anything that you’d like to add?

A Saree is one of the most fluid and versatile garments - it hides and it shows. It conceals the flaws and displays the assets. It's such a forgiving and feminine attire and we have the shape to flaunt it :).

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  1. Lovely post! I'd like to know where the sarees from the last photos are (with the threesome). Goa's Kunbi sarees are almost the same pattern and they're almost extinct now.

  2. awesome post. So proud of you dear Priya its just love for sarees

  3. Preethi GopalarathnamNovember 24, 2016 at 12:13 PM

    Awesome Priya... Love you and your sarees��

  4. Ditto Priya!!! I would call our tribe, Saree Sisers!


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