Tuesday, August 9, 2016

6 Types of necklaces that look great with a sari

It’s been ages since I wrote my last sari post (Here's the entire series). 
So, how have you been wearing your sari? In the casual chic way with contrasting blouses and big, round bindis, and funky jholas and the ubiquitous Kolhapuris? Do you feel more at home with your saris now that you’re bringing them out of your wardrobe more often? Has it become your go-to garment for a movie-and-dinner date or a trip to the mall?

Well, as you revel in the comfort of the soft folds of your sari, here’s another way to jazz up your casual chic look – chunky necklaces.

I know, it’s more traditional and conventional to wear a gold chain with a diamond pendant, or better still, a thick gold necklace to show up that zari border on your sari. But personally, I’m not a great believer in the power of gold, especially when it’s teamed up with a sari. I’m more partial to silver - sterling, German or oxidized. And I love beads, the ceramic as well as the wooden kinds. Add craft and a story to the mix, and I’m in jewellery heaven (you guessed it, diamonds are definitely not my best friends, though no offence if they are yours).

I also believe that you don’t need boxes full of jewellery to look good. A few well-chosen pieces can make your look sparkle, but for this you need to be very clear about what you like, what looks good on you and what you feel comfortable wearing.
I personally like to match the tradition and the legend of a sari with the casualness of an accessory. 

So here are the 6 types of necklaces that I personally like to wear with my cotton saris:

Wooden beads: I love necklaces made of wooden beads in camel and chocolate tones i.e. the original color of the wood. The chunkier the better and because of their neutral tone they can be teamed up with almost any kind of cotton or even chiffon sari. I’m known to wear them even with some of my silks.

Multiple strings of seed beads: I love those necklaces that have several strings of seed beads. The more the better. Wear a necklace like this in an earth tone, and deck up with a large bindi, kohl and lip gloss, and you’re done with your casual chick look.

Thread and silver: These kinds of necklaces have both – jewel-toned thread and a chunky silver pendant, an eclectic mix that goes very well with saris, kurtis and even handloom tops. Even if you own one or two such pieces, you can accessorize a whole range of saris, and a major part of your wardrobe, and never feel you need more.

Large beads: Ceramic or lacquer beads, often in vibrant hues like indigo, amber, vermillion and verdant green, are casual, cheerful and yet perfect for a party. I love accessories that are versatile and can be teemed with a variety of saris for as many occasions. I own several of these, most of them purchased at a very reasonable price from a gypsy woman stringing and selling her wares outside a temple in Chennai.

Metal craft: For me, the art and story behind an accessory - whether it’s a bag, footwear or piece of jewellery is just as important as the accessory itself. So of course, a metal craft necklace, like dokra, has to be an important part of my jewellery box. I own a couple of these, bought at handicraft exhibitions, and they go very well with warm-toned and zari-border saris.

Tibetan necklaces: Made of turquoise, semi-precious stones and metal, these are hand-strung by Tibetan women in the quirky little markets that you find in Tibetan colonies. They are chunky, heavy and magnificent. Wear one with a plain sari in a muted tone and you’re sure to get complements come pouring in.

These are my favorite kinds of necklaces and you’re sure to find me in any one of these when I’m in a sari.

What kind of necklaces do you like to wear? How do you accessorize your sari?
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  1. What lovely necklaces! Inspires me to start wearing sarees!

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