Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Happy Anniversary - Eight years in words

Photo courtsey: Smokey Bandit; Clicked on our anniversary last year

I've been a writer for as long as I remember. I debuted with a story about my grandmother and a tiger that she scared away. Scrawled in a three-year-old’s handwriting, with a red marker pen on a scrap of paper, the tale was born from the depths of my quirky imagination. After that I was on a roll, writing, thinking, composing. I graduated to poems, then stories, and then articles and D-I-Y pieces for newspapers. I kept diaries, wrote letters to friends and loved the written word.

Even now, all these years after that first story, I think better on paper. The paper is a place where I make sense of what’s going on around me, in my life, home and heart. Thinking my thoughts without paper is akin to a storm in a teacup. My thoughts swirl and dip, turning ponderous and sometimes dark, whirling at a speed that soon goes beyond my control. This is when I need paper and fistfuls of written words to rein those thoughts in, give meaning to them, express them rather than box them in.

But as good as I am with pen and paper, writing and thinking, it’s the deepest of my emotions that I find difficult to craft with words. I can’t speak them and neither can I write them as well as I’d like to. Some emotions, like tiny nuggets of gold, unpolished shards that really are diamonds, stay embedded in my mind, waiting to be mined, waiting to be polished and shined and placed in neat rows.

So today, I’ll try something that doesn't come naturally to me - infuse my thoughts with my emotions, capture eight years of marriage in a few lines, write something for my husband and best friend.

As we turn eight as husband and wife, soul mates and friends, I’m grateful for the gifts that marriage to S has brought me. By gifts, I do not mean the Smartphone and Kindle, the platinum ring and handloom sarees (tangible gifts bestowed on me over all the anniversaries), but the gifts of patience and companionship, lack of judgments and abundance of good times. The willingness to talk things out and sort through the tanglewoods of my twirled thoughts when I’m shadowed by clouds of confusion. I’m humbled and happy by how this person, my husband and partner, accepts me as I am, flaws, moles and all, without once trying to change me into someone else or criticizing me for who I am. I’m thankful for his steady hand – a hand that has held mine through numerous ups and downs. I’m thankful for his wisdom, for him, for the kind of person he is. I’m thankful for the world and home and family we've created together, for the quiet happiness we've filled it with.

Happy Anniversary, S! May gratitude and joy, love and peace and friendship continue to strengthen the foundations of our marriage.

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