Monday, April 14, 2014

Good Morning Monday + i heart Art

art by chandana

Another Monday. Another summer day.

Sunshine’s like sheets of beaten gold; the afternoons are beginning to boil; summer’s galloping at a steady pace. And my days are about juggling the many roles that define and fill my life with melting moments and minutiae.

I’m also taking this time think out my work plan. Do I want to pour in more time into my professional writing business? Should I re-start my health coaching practice? Can I fit in a seasonal illustration business, so I can turn my children’s art into posters and cards & sell them once-every-quarter?

Or hey, should I just go slow, taking each day as it comes, simmering my plans on the back burner? (Ah…ummm…not really my style.)

So as these questions soak up some of my brain power, let me tell you a bit about a passion that’s been consuming me for a while.


Children’s illustrations.

I started doing them when I was a child myself, but really started focusing on my style a bit over a year ago.
I ink and paint little children, capture the simplicity and joy in the everyday. The magic in our dreams. The fairy dust on the moonbeam. Lately, I’ve been painting and doodling pictures, in my journal and in my sketchbook, reveling in the sliver of undiluted happiness that drawing fills me up with.

I’ve also been taking some courses to fire up my inspiration…to help me explore different kinds of media. I’ve been at Alisa Burke’s portal, taking some of these courses.

And I wanted to ask you – are you learning something new? What is making you happy these days? I'd love to hear from you.

In the meanwhile, do stay tuned – I will be back with photographs of my paintings soon.

Good Morning Monday + Hello New Week!


  1. I say go do it.Alisa Burke is my most fav.artist. I love her work.I took a watercolour class too some years back,but I was not ready for it at that time and didn't make good use of it.I am very tempted to take up some of her classes again.If you are into sktechbooks,I can send you some amazing blog links,which I religiously check out.I have started a sketchbook too.Not very good at it,but planning to share them on my blog soon.I want to make it a regular practice.Let's do it together!

  2. Pallavi, let's do the sketchbook thing together. And please send me the links. Hey, will mail you in a bit about the workshop. Looking forward to our artsy time together.

  3. Good to know you are into sketching, and would love to know more about Alisa Burkes classes. I admire her style of art too!
    Btw, if you would like to join in with a few of your pages theres an art journal linky up on my blog... Do go through the prompts and link in if you are game


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