Tuesday, August 12, 2014

6 Style Blogs I love + my style journey

I’ve been experimenting with my personal style. Not with fashion, and what’s hot and what’s not. But with that thing that defines a person’s look. That creative combination of clothes and accessories and attitude that tells a story of its own.

For a very long time, I was kind-of clueless and disinterested in ‘style’ (and I still am about anything related to fashion). Give me a pair of old jeans and a comfortable t-shirt and sneakers and I’m done for the day. I couldn’t afford a whole lot of clothes, and even when I could, I just wore what was practical and what was available.

But over the past clutch of years, I’ve been looking at what I wear as another way to be creative. Slowly (umm…or maybe not that slowly), I’ve built up my wardrobe. A wide selection of handloom sarees, bespoke blouses, handmade jewellery, skirts and kurtis, large red bindis. I veer towards the handmade and organic, cotton and bohemian chic.

But ever since I started coming out of the haze of new motherhood, tired of my uniform of yoga pants and old t-shirts and even more tired of not fitting into anything that belonged to my pre-pregnancy wardrobe, this quest for developing and creating my own style has taken on new meaning.

Still left with the last vestiges of postpartum weight and very little time to lavish on putting together a look, this journey of finding my own style has entered a totally different phase.

Now, it’s about marrying comfort with silhouette, bohemian chic with global, practicality with pocket-friendly, handloom fabric with smart cuts. It’s about pursuing my sari-style, yet trying out new looks. It’s about retaining my style, and using it to create looks to suit my mommy shape. It’s about embracing my story, and telling it with panache.

I’ve been hopping over to online shopping sites and blogs, reading books by stylists and gorging on Pinterest mood boards, just to get inspiration and ideas. And here is a smattering of those that you may enjoy too.

I recently came across this blog – The Sari-torialist, and if you know me even a little bit, you’ll know that it’s just what I like. Written by journalist Piyali Bhattacharya, this little gold nugget is all about the Sari, South Asian style, luscious Indian textiles and gorgeous hand-crafted jewelry.

I enjoy rifling through the pages of this global street style blog by the name The Sartorialist.

I recently stumbled upon By The Wear and am still getting to know Shelly Sarkar’s online fashion hub. Love the styling.

This board on Indian Street Style is inspiring!

And here’s Jenny’s Bicycle, pedaling over with a fresh take on fashion. Simple and doable, now that’s what style’s all about for me.

I quite enjoy the Fashion Friday posts that artist Alisa Burke puts together. Her ideas are very very budget-friendly and practical, another aspect of style that I so agree with.

So, where do you stock up on style candy?

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