Monday, September 8, 2014

Thank You + Sari in Style Feature

On Friday, I wrote about the sari, the myths that are woven around it, the things that prevent us from wearing this luscious garment with élan. The things that have turned the sari into a costume to be donned only at special occasions.

Spurred on by a conversation about wearing Indian attires with style, I wrote about stuff that’s always been on my mind, the things that jump out at me whenever I wear a sari and am met with a barrage of reactions. And I was so surprised to find out that it struck a chord in over 800 people across the globe. From working women in urban India who had stopped wearing the sari for the fear of attracting bemused reactions to moms in the USA who want to learn how to drape a sari and wear it often, 6 Myths about the Sari made a lot of people smile. And I’m so glad about that.

Its conversations like this that remind me again and again why I’m blogging. Why I sit in my little studio office in one corner of the country, typing out my thoughts, giving words to my rants, sharing my affirmations. Why I rush during nap times (my son’s) to write, to share.

So thank you all of you, for the tremendous response to my thoughts on the sari. While, I respect everyone’s personal style and choice of attire, I’d also love to spread the sari love, one person at a time. I mean, wouldn’t it be lovely, if we walk through the bazaar, eat at a restaurant, go out for a movie, and walk into a cocktail evening, in a sari without feeling awkward? Without getting that “what’s wrong with you” look. Without being made to feel out of style, when really, we are just as stylish as anyone else around, in our 6 yards of gorgeousness.

So, encouraged by the world, by my readers, by you, I’m dedicating a day in the week - Friday, for a Sari in Style post. A day when I’ll write about the sari, offer my own hard-earned tips, share gorgeous pictures of saris, talk about the textile traditions in India and ways to look smart ‘n’ stylish in a garment that’s sadly been relegated to just weddings and formal parties.

Join me in this sari sojourn and tell me what inspires you sari-wise. This Friday, I’ll have the first issue on ‘Sari in Style’ online.

Ready to spread the sari love? Comment on my blog, read, share the sari articles, nudge a friend to style up the sari, wear it yourself.

Thanks again, people. You rock! And I promise you, you’ll rock in a sari too.

Good Morning Monday & Hello New Week!

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