Friday, October 31, 2014

Getting Political – Sari in Style

Pic credit: Debjani Basu

I’ve been raving and ranting, sharing and saying things about one of my favorite things – the sari. I’m not exaggerating when I say that I’m a recovering sariholic. Well, I’m still a sari aficionado, but the reason I say I’m a ‘recovering sariholic’ is because being a sariholic can cause a serious dent in your budget and a bump, or rather a bulge in your wardrobe. So, I’m retaining my love for the garment while cutting back on over-the-top sari shopping by wearing what I have in my closet (say about a 100 saris, give or take a few) and sharing that love via my blog.

So, if you’re still with me on this sari journey, thank you. Thank you for reading these Sari In Style posts, for sharing your enthusiasm, for participating (and co-hosting) a fabulous Giveaway, for spreading the word around.

So for this Sari In Style feature, I’ve chosen to share some sari inspiration from the political scene.

I don’t much like politics, be it on the governmental level or personal. But I do like how these women wear power on their pallu (and the the clear message that you don't have to ditch the sari in favor of a sharp suit to look-feel-be powerful!). How they look graceful and elegant, smart and authoritative, all at once in their saris and with their definitive sari style (Brinda Karat in her handloom sari + big red bindi + silver bangles; Jaya Jaitley in her handwoven saris and contrasting blouses and silver jewelry; Sonia Gandhi in her crisp cotton saris with sharp pleated pallus; Priyanka Gandhi in her thick cotton saris and short cropped hair).

I’m especially inspired by Brinda Karat’s and Jaya Jaitley’s handloom sari + big bindi + silver jewelry signature look. 

Brinda Karat:

India Today 

The Hindu

Jaya Jaitley:

 Wow Delhi

Outlook India

Priyanka Gandhi:


Sonia Gandhi:

Press Brief

Global Giants

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