Friday, February 6, 2015

My Winter Style Staples

I’m not a fashionista. In fact, I’m hardly interested in fashion, if that means copying the latest styles, feeling inadequate if not wearing what everyone’s wearing and trying to stay ahead of the fashion game. However, I do like style, when that means getting creative with what’s in your wardrobe, creating a look with what’s true to me and choosing a few pieces of clothing to buy that mirror my personal style.

I’m all about personal style. If that means wearing a pair of old jeans and a simple cotton T-shirt and sneakers for someone, then so be it. A person’s style should tell a story about them. It should be all about what they’re comfortable wearing and not about what the fashion magazines are flaunting. It should be about wearing what you own with pride and not about feeling deprived just because your friend turned up in an uber chic dress/coat/trousers/shoes.

So, this winter, I decided to discover my personal style for this cold, gray season. Psst…most of the time you’ll find me in a pair of warm track pants and 3 layers of woolens. 
I added a pinch of smart to the my otherwise comfy-but-boring winter attire by mixing and matching these wardrobe staples:

A few pairs of fleece-lined patterned leggings
A pair or two of treggings (I love the comfort these offer!)
Stoles to throw across my shoulder or loop around my neck
A few pairs of formal sweaters in neutral colors
Boots – a pair or three ;-)

I’ve used a combination of these to smarten up my act when my track-pants-and-three-sweater look became unbearable even for me.

Photos by Sandeep Banerjee

Surprisingly, it turned out that leggings, coats and boots happened to be very much in vogue in this part of the country, a fact that I wasn’t too happy about (remember, I like to do just the opposite of what everyone’s doing or wearing?).

But the bright side of this was that, after many years of wading through the cold, gray winters of Punjab feeling frumpy in tatty sweaters and thick pants, I finally got the hang of staying smart even in this unforgiving season.

What have been your winter togs like?

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