Tuesday, May 5, 2015

What I've been reading online

I just realized that I haven’t shared some of my favorite online reads for quite some time. Not that I haven’t been reading online much – in fact, far from it. But for a very long time, I haven’t stumbled across any new blogs or websites that had me excited.

Just yesterday, while scrolling through some posts, I came across this lovely lovely (intentional repetition) blog, which is like a balm for a mother’s soul. 

photo credit: samuel zeller

It’s like a cup of coffee brewed just the way you like it. It’s like a book and a sliver of solitude just when you need it the most. And I love the name too – Coffee + Crumbs. A plate of warm cake, wolfed down and savored with a mug of your favorite coffee. Now that’s the kind of place I like to curl up in and read words that are equal parts wise and warm. So, go on over.

In the span of the same day, I came across another blog and it’s offering of e-magazines that I can’t wait to download and read. It’s about a topic that I dig – Creativity and finding creativity in your current phase of life. For me, this last bit is very important, this tailoring of creativity and toning down of aspirations. Of trying to fit in colors and words, dreams and designs into a life that’s already crammed with the needs and wants of a small human being. It’s a lot like slipping in a handwritten note or a watercolor doodle into a bottle and then letting the waves of life, the currents of today, take it wherever it may. Here’s the blog – Crafting Connections and here’s the e-magazine I can’t wait to download.

And now for a post that ties all of this together. Motherhood and words. Dreams and what you can do now. I have been reading Jamie Martin’s words for the past many months, sometimes in the form of her ebooks, sometimes in the form of blog posts. And I like her steady wisdom, her practicality, her serenity. Here’s a post that spoke out to me with its message just when I needed it the most. It reminds me all over again that it’s okay to do what you when you can in this season of motherhood.

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