Friday, February 19, 2016

I'm back for good

Hello, you guys! You must have thought I had shut shop and disappeared into the wispy blue skies of cyber space. I don’t blame you for thinking so. I have been away for the longest of time. And I owe you a reason.

image credit: david ragusa

The back story: I had signed up for my very first Yoga Teacher’s Training with Aura Wellness Center, a yoga school that gives online and onsite teacher training. At that time, my son was a little over a year old. So a lot of my yoga practice and study sessions would involve him climbing over me and scuttling under me as I pretzeled myself into the Downward Dog, the Bridge Pose or some of my other favorite poses. I’d try to sneak in a few pages of study while he napped, very often with him napping on me.

My progress was slow and before I could realize, I had come upon the finish line of the course. That’s when I grabbed whatever leisure time I had and spun it into my study time. And so, blogging was set aside for a while, a long while actually.

But here I am. Back for good. And with a special announcement: I am a Certified Yoga Teacher now. Yayyy!!!! And I passed my written as well as practical exams with High Honors! Yummy…these little milestones and achievements are sweet!

Now, I’m hoping to teach yoga classes in my community, and maybe, also take a few classes in the gyms out in town.

Along with that, I’m hoping to make this a very creative year. As 2015 handed over its torch to 2016, as firecrackers lit up the sky at the strike of 12, as time offered us another gift of fresh beginnings, this little word came floating by. CREATIVE.

I’ve never woven a year around a word, but this one seemed just right. After over 2.5 years of not painting much or creating much, this word with its abundance of possibilities makes me want to explore the various ways I can be creative. The idea is to create instead of planning a project and then getting daunted by the time involved.

Here are some of the things I want to do to honor this word:

Knit (I am an amateur knitter and scarves are the only thing I seem to knit. But I enjoy the process of sitting back and looping yarn around a pair of needles.)

Crochet (This is on my want-to-learn list.)

Embroider (Am planning to embroider a set of silk cushion covers.)

Sew (This one is a lofty goal, but am planning to use several online resources to crack this code.)

Create collages (With canvas and paper, my own drawings and coloring book cutouts.)

Fill up more coloring books.

Draw a series of posters featuring Jojo, my curly-haired girls.

Be more spontaneous in trying new creative adventures.

What is your word for 2016?


  1. Hi chandana😊,
    I was scrolling down facebook n your name popped up. It brought with it the lovely memories of the afternoon spent with you n your little son.
    Sounds like a very creative plan you have ahead of you this year 😊😊and I wish you all the very best and lots of peace and joy .
    Manjari Pasricha.

  2. There's one important piece of news u've not given us here...that u've topped the exams.
    CONGRATZ :) !!


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