Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A chat about business and books with Megha Mehta

I’d like you to meet my buddy from my Institute of Integrative Nutrition days. Megha Mehta is a mother, health coach, writer and business woman, and she juggles all these roles with her balance mantra. Here we chat about what she does and how we as mothers can find time to fit in our dreams.

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Please tell us a bit about yourself.

I am a holistic health coach and energy medicine practitioner and a work from home mother of a 4yr old.

I started coaching 3 years ago and my work has been evolving ever since. I most actively work with women - working and stay at home mothers.

Megha, you’d published a book earlier, right? What was it about? 

My first book was called Find Your Rhythm - feel your way to perfect wellness. It was all about letting go of the stress around being healthy and eating well. It was about understanding the huge role that our bodies' play in guiding us towards eating and living well.

What is your current book about? Have both your books been self-published?

This book is an updated second version and is called Find Your Rhythm - Your Guide To Eating and Living Optimally For Your Body's Specific Needs.

Both my books have been self published.

Will you please share with the process of self-publication?

It's a hugely creative process that gives you full freedom to create your work the way you like it. You can decide the level, scale, and intensity of work and time and money investment that you would like to put in.

I enjoyed the process very much but it was also very draining in parts. I have learned a lot through the process however!

You also run a essential oils biz. Please tell us about the blends you create and the idea behind this biz.

Essential Oils are the most purest and potent part of the plants and I have been fascinated by them for a long time. In fact, I got so hooked to them that I gradually collected a drawer full of essential oils from different countries. I use them for every day mood upliftment, refreshing, relaxing, soothing, and also specific purposes like adrenal support.

When I moved back to India I realised that the range of essential oils here was very limited and also there were barely any blends
available. That's when I decided to create some of the most useful blends under my brand name - The Balance Mantra.

The first three in this range are Perk Up - for relaxation, calming and uplifting, DeBuzz for mosquitoes and bugs and De Congest for Sinus congestion, colds and flus.

We are soon launching blends for sleep, meditation and prayers too. They're all available online on Amazon.

How do you think moms like us can take an idea and create it into a tangible product/business ?

I think it's important to start with the message that you want to share with the world. What is the thing that you want to shout from roof tops about - and want the world to take notice and adopt?

Then find ways to get your message out there. Blog, youtube channel or even just your Facebook account are great ways to refine your message and clarify your communication about the idea
you're passionate about. As you start interacting with people about the idea, you'd have gotten your market research and will find the confidence to launch!

Will you please tell us more about the offer that you have for our readers?

For the blog readers I'd like to offer 20 spots to get the online training program 'Body Feedback System' for free when they order my book Find Your Rhythm' this 29th of March' 2016 on

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3. Forward me the email receipt at to get your free access.
The spots are only 20 so make sure to be the first few to order.

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