Monday, October 24, 2016

5 Nosepins to wear with saris

I’ve been wearing nose pins since I got my nose pierced in college. While earlier, they’d be tiny little sparkling stones or silver hoops, it’s only in this past year that I’ve begun exploring the bigger, chunkier nose pins. 

I started timidly, very unsure of how a big nose pin would sit on my nose, but soon got so hooked on to the look, that now if I go without any of these big beauties, I feel something’s amiss.

Image credit: Gaatha/Trajuva

What’s also a bonus is that these gorgeous big nosepins look amazing with saris. Just stick on a bindi, and you may not even miss your jhumkas or necklace, if you’ve got a coin-sized nosepin to accessorize.

Here are some of my favorite nosepins to sport with saris.

Silver flower nosepins: I’ve bought some from Levitate, an eclectic store in Bangalore, and wear them regularly. Shaped like little flowers with colored stones in the center, these are perfect combinations of spunk and tradition. I also like the ones from Gaatha, which are designed/curated by Trajuva and are inspired from Kutchi designs. Let them be your daily go-tos when your draping a simple yet beautiful Bengal cotton or a breezy Kota sari.

Large disc-shaped nosepins: These large nospins must look like the moon’s chosen to ride with you. Often in a filigree pattern and inspired by tribal patterns, large nosepins need panache and confidence to be carried off with a sari. I’d wear these with Chanderis or plain silks, and avoid teaming them with saris that are very elaborate or busy.

Image credit: Karmasuthra 

Eclectic or intricate nosepins: Whether it’s a peacock dancing to the tune of rolling thunder, or Lakshmi’s lotus ready to perch on your nose, there are some alluring designs available for choice. I love the nosepins by Karmasutra (as per their Facebook page, they’re giving nosepins a break while they focus on necklaces), and have noticed that they’re quite a favorite within the sari-loving community. I’d wear my eclectic nospins with Paithanis, Benarasis, Kantha silks and Kanjeevarams.

Nose rings: If you’re more of a nose ring kinda girl or just want some variety when it comes to your jewellery, wearing filigreed septum rings as nose rings can be the way to go. I even enjoy the idea of wearing dangling nose rings like these to a party and teaming them up with almost any kind of sari.

Maharashtrian nath: These confections with pearls and colored stones will look so lovely when teamed with a silk sari, for festivals or for parties. I could wear one of these traditional Maharashtrian naths for a festive occasion with any of my silk saris, but given a choice, I’d reach for my Baluchori silk to combine the beauty and culture of the two states that I owe my cultural aesthetics to.

What kind of nosepins do you enjoy wearing and with what kind of saris?

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