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#TravelSari – 5 Ladies who sojourn in their saris

Saris have been cherished and bought on shopping sprees. They’ve been carefully preserved in heavy trunks and worn with élan for weddings & parties. But are saris, these days, worn on travels & sojourns; on trains & plains; for road trips & cruises; at beaches & mountains; at museums & monuments?

Our sari feature today is all about the gorgeous ladies, who wear their beautiful saris during travel trips. These are #realtime women, who take their saris out of the social media realm and wear it during their holiday zone. It takes a shift in the way we think of our saris (i.e. party wear or for photo ops or for office/restaurant wear) and a little adjustment in how you carry it off as you trek up a hilly road, walk through golden sands or stroll through vineyards. 

Sangeeta Venkatesh: Going ‘beachy’ in a sari:

My husband Venkatesh and I simply love Goa! With clean beaches, wide roads, great food (even for vegetarians like us), great hospitality  - this is as international as a destination in India can get. I can bathe/ swim in the sea and be the archetypal beach bum for hours! We have come back here again and again, and have celebrated some personal milestones in this beautiful coastal region.

And if it was Goa, it had to be a Kunbi/ Gawda revival saree from Goa Adivasi Parampara.  This saree was originally worn by Kunbi and Gawda tribe women who were basically paddy field workers.

Who says you can't pack a saree for a Goan holiday?”

Anjum Amritham: Sari in Tuscany:

“I live in Altendorf, Switzerland since the last 30 years and only wear saris. I do not own any other cloths except saris. Cool cottons in summer and heavy silks in the winter. I work with a lot of weavers and artisans in South India and bring their work to Switzerland and France to show case these pieces of art that they create on their looms.

The photo is taken in Tuscany two weeks ago when my university friend and I did a girls trip to Tuscany to enjoy the beautiful countryside and amazing Tuscan wines.

The sari I am wearing is a Madurai handloom cotton.

Sushma Nair: Shimmering in a Sri Lankan Sari

“Last year my son and I went on a 10 day road trip to Sri Lanka. We travelled and visited - Colombo- Kandy- Eliya- NuwaraEleya- Yala National Park- Yala- Galle-Bentota- Colombo.

Through the whole trip I draped the six yard 3 times, but managed to get myself clicked only once at the gorgeous Tamarind Hill in Galle which is a Manor House that has been converted in to a chic boutique hotel without harming its originality. I draped this multi hued Sri Lankan Handloom saree for a leisurely day of food and travel within Galle. What fascinated me about this saree was the way the colours gradually merge into each other like small waves that eventually turn into the huge tidal wave.”

Ankita Priyadarshini: Wraps up a road trip + 2 occasions in 4 saris:

"These are pictures of me on the two week trip I took last year for my brother-in-law's convocation and thread ceremony. It was mostly a road trip, and wearing sarees on the road was in no way inconvenient.

When carrying sarees, even for festive occasions, I carry a capsule wardrobe. On this trip, I took four sarees - two lightly festive chiffons, one mysore silk and one heavy Kanjeevaram; with three blouses, which together helped me create about 8-9 looks, because each of the blouses goes with each of the sarees.

My double strands of pearls paired with similar earrings served as accessories for almost all looks from the formal convocation function to temple to relative visits to the thread ceremony.”

Priyanka Mahanty: Celebrates her pet’s birthday in Karjat in soft khadi cottons

“It was Zen's birthday: Zen my 7 years old black Labrador petson. A long weekend outing with him close by to the city yet away from hustle bustle at Karjat was the plan. I don't travel light and I carry my own luggage. For a special occasion as this I had packed two sarees..(three rather  ;)).When you travel without a fixed plan..your avenues are open wide. First saree..first day was draped for a day at ND Studio. To saree or not to saree was a confusion till the last moment and hubby chose..Saree. A khadi cotton always keeps you comfy in no matter how humid and hot is the climate. For Zen's birthday too a khadi cotton from phulia was the choice.”

So will you be wearing a sari soon during your travel?

Here's a blog post about 6 ways to travel with your saris.

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