Tuesday, March 31, 2020

My Simple Stay-At-home Birthday & 8 Things I'm Grateful For

Hi friends! I celebrated my birthday yesterday. At home, with my family and with a simple but scrumptious selection of homemade treats. So, even though I didn’t go out, have a party or have friends over because of the lock-down, I absolutely loved the slow, simple birthday I had yesterday. And you wanna know the truth? I didn’t miss the hullabaloo, the frenzy of making a birthday extra special, the expectations…one tiny bit.

chandana banerjee
My simple birthday at home & my homemade chocolate cake :)

Here’s what I’m grateful for this birthday:

Another year on Earth! I’ve never felt sorry for myself for growing older – I mean who says that only the “youngistan” years are the best??!!! And when you stop to think of those who lose their lives so young, then you realize that each moment, each year you get to lead a happy, healthy life is a gold-wrapped gift to cherish.

The extra silver in my hair - I've seemed to have had a bonus this year :D. I’m unapologetically a “salt ‘n’ pepper” gal. No artificial dyes out of bottles and packets for me. Thank you very much.

The gift of slowing down. Even though the circumstances surrounding the lockdown are not something to rejoice about, this has forced the whole world to dial down their pace, huddle at home and give Mother Earth a chance to heal and repair the damages that we have caused as a human race. I’m a homebody in a frenzied social world and finally, this situation has let me be the true me. A homebody in a world that is staying home. Maybe not for long, but at least for now, no apologizing for being a social misfit; no worrying about another party around the corner; no fretting about yet another meeting to go to. At least, on my birthday, I could stay home, be the homebody I am and enjoy the slow pace of life.

homecooked food
The Home-baked Life - Mini pies made by the hubby
A family I enjoy hanging out with. I’ve heard people saying they get stir crazy if cooped up with their family for a whole day. But I like nothing better!

Work that lights me up. I write books, blogs and content for my online courses, And paint. And all of it from home.

A basket-full of hobbies to dip into. I’ve been hearing a lot of comments, the gist of which is “I’m going crazy sitting at home!”. I offer up a quick prayer of gratitude here because I’ve got so many things to do at home that I’m hoping I never have to step out to another party where I fritter away time chit-chatting about inane things (charged as guilty - I'm TERRIBLE at small talk). (P.S. If you need ideas on how to spend your time well at home, do drop me a comment below and I’ll be happy to make a video or write a post on this.)

Our homeschooling life. Most of the time, I’m that “weird lady who keeps her son at home”. But now with the quarantine on, there’s a sudden interest in how homeschooling parents homeschool their kids. A lot of parents are tussling with the idea of having their kids at home 24x7 and wrestling with the syllabus, assignments and their own need for “me-time”.  But now as the world slips into a mandatory home-based routine that many are finding downright crazy, we are carrying on with what we’ve always done i.e. be at home and learn together.

The need to be a homebody. Confession. Most of the time I don’t feel thankful for being an absolute homebody. I’ve lost count of the times that I’ve wondered why I do not enjoy parties, welfare meets, Ladies’ Clubs and coffee morning like other fauji wives. Where other ladies literally jump with glee at the whiff of a social “obligation” (well, that’s what I call all of these), I cringe at the thought of yet another event to be ticked off the list. But with the lock-down and social distancing mandate, I can finally be in my element. Now, when the majority are wondering how to stay happy at home, I’m in my groove. I know I will  be compelled to return to the normal world i.e. a world where social overdrive is the norm...but hey, why not enjoy the slow down as long as it lasts, eh? :)

Here’s to a slow, simple, home-based life and some of the things I’ve been grateful for this birthday. 

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