Monday, June 15, 2020

5 Ways Our Homemaking Can Enhance Our Work-at-Home Lifestyle

In my experience, if we have our homemaking systems down to a pat (okay, maybe not down to a pat, but more or less sorted out), we can create a happy place for our family and ourselves as well as work on our assignments and deadlines at peace. 

Personally, I began valuing the art of homemaking and how it adds a sparkle to our other facets of home life, including, working-from-home, after many years of homemaking by the seat of my pants. But now that I'm kinda figuring it out, here's why I feel homemaking can help me (and many of us) stay grounded and happy as we putter around home, working, teaching and being.

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Happy Homemaking to help the Work-At-Home Lifestyle / Pic credit: Pixabay

Here are 5 ways that homemaking can have a positive impact our work-from-home life:

1. When we spend time and happy energy on “making a home”, it percolates into our work-from-home life too. And in the same way, if we pour in frazzled energy into how we manage our home, it makes our work-from-home experience hassled too. While homemaking is at the core of any home, when you work from home you’re always surrounded by the energy that you filled up your home with.

2. A simple homemaking system and routine can help us focus better on our work. Systems, routines and rhythms streamline the household chores and keep offering the regular TLC that our homes and our lives need. 

3. Purposeful homemaking means that we also factor in time for ourselves and the little treats that brighten up a day. As the saying goes “all work and no play” is a surefire recipe for a dull day. I’m learning to inject more treats into my days, instead of rushing from one homeschooling or homemaking chore to a work-from-home deadline.

4. Mindful homemaking helps cut the unnecessary guilt out. Have you ever found yourself on a constant hamster wheel of guilt and “should haves”? I sure have. You know, that niggling thought that keeps popping up, like, “I should have cleaned the cupboards yesterday” or “how am I going to bake those cookies and have dinner ready on time if I have to submit this article/assignment by the end of today” or “I wish I could only focus all my time on my work”. But I’ve found if I’m mindful about my homemaking tasks and have a routine and rhythm for them, then I can be more present at work and while homeschooling.

5. Intentional homemaking fills you up with a sense of pride. This is a no brainer. If my home is well looked after, I enjoy my work even more and vice versa - if I am happy with my work, then I find myself in a more joyful mood while tending to my home. 

So, the way I see it, there is overall satisfaction in a job well done, when I’ve got a hang of my homemaking. I mean, home is our entire world, when almost everything we do as work-from-home gals, moms and homemakers is centred around this one place, right?

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