Wednesday, March 26, 2014

10 things I’ve Learnt/Realized/Accepted in the Past Year

1. Parenting is the most difficult job I’ve ever done, or probably will ever do.

2. It’s more fun to respond to an unfavorable situation or comment with humor than with anger or irritation. (Of course, it takes all my will power to not get ignited, but when I change the ‘lens’ through which I’m looking at said situation/comment, it can make all the difference to my mood and the day.)

3. Acceptance and lack of expectations can help me endure certain relationships.

4. It is possible to live out of two suitcases for two long years.

5. Our bodies are wise.

6. Labor isn’t everything it’s made out to be.

7. Babies can help you cultivate patience, if you haven’t had any before.

8. It’s important to nourish yourself and give yourself priority, even if you are a mother...especially if you are a mother.

9. Learning lights me up.

10. I’m miserable at being a Stepford wife . And that suits me fine. (My bio has the clue to the meaning of 'Stepford wife', at least in my dictionary.)


  1. Hi Chandana,

    Came across your blog via a 'Stepford' wife. Being a very un-stepfordish stepford wife myself, it's a pleasure to find more of my tribe . Loved your blog :D


  2. Monishikha...great to 'meet' you. And so glad to meet another un-stepfordish ari force wife ;-)

  3. I always thought Air force folks were way cooler and less stuck up than Army.Surprised to hear the contrary.Write about it,will be fun to read.

  4. Pallavi - Air force folks are cooler, but not cool enough to let go of aging traditions + subversive ideas. We're just a cooler version of the Stepford wives, but Stepford wives nonetheless. And yes, I'm gonna write about it. ;-)


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