Friday, March 14, 2014

Be a Mama Bear Fashionista!

Till sometime ago, my wardrobe was all about comfortable sweats and t-shirts. Yes, there was the rare ‘good’ outfit. But mostly, it was all about clothing that’s loose and light. Clothing that’s uber comfy but very uninspiring.

My logic for not adding to my wardrobe:

It’s bound to get covered in baby-puke, so why bother with brand new clothes!

I will lose those extra baby pounds in the near future, so why buy clothes that’ll be out-of-shape very soon? And hey, I can go back to my pre-baby wardrobe that has some lovely stuff.

But as snugly as wearing sweat pants and t-shirts can be, it takes the punch out of your personal style. You almost forget what your style was all about. You’re in a limbo, waiting for the right size, the right day, the right occasion. And while you’re waiting, your inner-fashionista starts to fade into oblivion. At least, that’s what started happening to me.

I started believing that good clothes and fashion were for that version of me that had lost all the post-baby weight. That while my baby was small, I could only and only dress myself in sweats and t-shirts. That I could look good only when I was out of the trenches of new motherhood.

I had to literally shake myself out of this mode and put my act together. I began with a dash of online shopping. We live in the boondocks and I don’t particularly enjoy trying out clothes, so this seemed like an easy option. Check out styles and buy with a click of a mouse. Easier said than done but the first step is like gold, getting you out of the dark, helping you back on the track. Eventually, I shopped at brick-and-mortar stores, putting together my look, harnessing the ‘mama bear fashionista’ in me.

So now, if you peep into my wardrobe, it has a few pieces of interesting clothing and pops of color – tunics, shirts, and tops that I really like and that are comfortable. These can be teemed with interesting hand-crafted accessories & quirky footwear and mixed-and-matched to create different looks. Looks that are very me. Looks that work with my ‘new mom body’. Clothes that add punch without adding clutter. Pieces with cuts that suit my current mommy shape, and fabric and colors that I adore.

But while I shopped and tried out a gamut of outfits, what struck me was how difficult it is to find clothes that complement your post-partum body. How much you have to think and imagine in order to put together a wardrobe that complements this new you. How you have to be completely honest because it’s so easy to follow the latest trends or someone else’s style blindly without tapping into your inner-fashionista.

pic source: cardiganempire

I’ve never been into fashion.  But I’ve always been into working with my personal style. I wear clothes that I enjoy wearing i.e. flowing fabrics, sarees, boho chic outfits. But post-baby, I had to really (and I mean, Really) get comfortable being me and make peace with the way I am right now – mama bearish with an extra layer of chubbiness. 

So, while I sort out my wardrobe and harness my inner-fashionista (that was hibernating), I want to share my style files with you. I want to share look books and mood-boards, pictures and ideas…things that might inspire you to love the way you are in the now and tap into your own personal style.

This series will pop-up every other Friday. It’s going to be ‘Find your inner-fashionista Fridays’. So dig in. Feel free to share your own look books and tips. Inspire and be inspired. Be a Rockstar Mama Bear Fashionista!

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