Friday, March 17, 2017

Sari Love in New York - Meet the eclectic Kavita Srinivasan Rao

I'm grateful to have 'met' a whole bunch of interesting women through my sari blog. And today, I'm happy to introduce you to one such sari pal - Kavita Srinivasan Rao, a designer who creates up-cycled jewelery and writes poetry.

Please tell us about yourself – what you do, where do you live, your interests, family.

I used to be an IT-finance consultant once upon a time, but that seems likes ages ago. Now, I design and make (up-cycled and sustainable) jewelry, and dare to call myself a full time poet. I devour books and I love to dance - be it Kathak, Bharatnayam, Salsa, contemporary or good old Bollywoodesque. Music enthralls me, any time, every time. 
I live with my husband in an electric and charming New York. 

I absolutely love your sari style. How would you describe it?

I would like to call it casual, bordering on traditional, with hints of chic and bohème. The latter is perhaps a result of the poet in me. 

What kind of saris do you enjoy wearing, and what kind of occasions do you wear them for?

Cotton cotton cotton! And then, a little bit of silk. I dig sarees with texture. I like them thickish, roughish, heavy, and definitely unstarched. The khadis, linens, malkhas and Kotpads give me goose bumps. So do raw silks and tussars.
These days, I find myself wearing saris to every place, from parks to pubs, from pujas to parties, and even on no-outing days. 

Do you wear the sari the simple way, where you use what you have to create new styles or do you enjoy a more decadent style, with different kinds of blouses/jewellery/footwear?

I often find myself draping saris the regular way, but there have been a few times when I have experimented. My experiments are usually a result of the absolute need for convenience, or some sudden curiosity. I make it a point to never repeat a blouse-sari pair. Wearing the same sari with different blouses/accessories gives me the feeling of newness. Repetition tends to bore me.

What’s an interesting way to accessorize the sari (without splurging on jewelery/accessories), as per you?

If the sari demands attention, give it some. A pair of my favorite earrings and/or chain, or a fancy nosepin usually complete my ensemble. A jhhola and my tattoo have been my favorites. Winters here demand jackets. That's when one needn't bother with any other accessory. There could be times when the blouse screams love. When that happens, I give it just that. And oh yeah, I do believe matching is overrated - well, usually anyway.

What’s your best tip for those who love the sari, but are hesitant about wearing it more often?

Wear it once, then wear it again, then wear it the third time - in quick succession. After that, I promise you, you will feel like doing it again, and again... And this, I say from experience. 

Anything that you’d like to add?

She will embrace you in her warmth, and will lend you her immeasurable elegance. Love her, she will love you back like no other. 

Thank you Kavita for joining us on this blog for a sari-licious chat!

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