Monday, March 6, 2017

Why today is a gift + a wellness plan

On some level and at different degrees, I’ve embraced the fact that a healthy life is a gift. That even the most ordinary days are extraordinary if we wake up to acknowledge and live this piece of truth. 

But the light of this truth ebbs and flows, depending on what’s on my to-do list, who has said what about me, where am I on that particular day etc etc. Our daily routines, the tug of war that we fill up our schedules with, the minutiae of chores and voices, often tarnishes this fact – this fact that our days are priceless gifts waiting to be unwrapped.

It’s easy to forget that there is so much joy and blessing in the smallest of things. Things like holding your child’s hand or waking up next to him; walking down the street to buy groceries; cooking and being able to eat a meal knowing that your organs will do what they’re meant to do. Each one of these experiences is even more precious than the diamonds twinkling on our ear lobes.

Like I said before, while I always appreciated this fact and am grateful for many things, I didn’t fully (and I mean 500% and more) appreciate the luminous quality of each day, till yesterday. As I spent a duration of time fretting about health concerns, tossing and turning, and mumbling to God about how much I love this life and the people who mean the most to me, I realized just how precious it all is. And how delicate too.

We’d like to believe that we have a good 50 years ahead of us to travel the world, spend time with our spouse, have fun with our kids, indulge in our hobbies, and do the things we’re most passionate about. Only to push all of these into cubbyholes labeled ‘Future’, while loading up our plates with frivolity.

Often, and without realizing, we fill up our days with inane chatter instead of meaningful conversations; false emoticons instead of honest bonds; scheming and manipulating instead of reaching out to do something that really matters; plans for the future while frittering away the time we have today. We run around like headless chickens in our quest for more – more money, more power, more popularity, more….(you fill in the blank), without checking if what we have now is enough. Without wondering if more of this will really improve the soul of our lives, the core of our days.

Today, as I sit here writing this post, I’m grateful for this moment. For being able to write, for being able to share, for being able to just be.

I’m grateful as I unwrap the gift of today and wonder how I can share this with you. And because good health is what adds that luminosity to our days, I’d love to embark again on this journey to add more sparkle to all our lives. Through my posts. Through my deeds. Through my health coaching.

Yes, what many may not know is that I’m a certified health coach and yoga teacher too. Till a few years ago (till my son was born), I worked with women, helping them create a life around wellness, while also creating more well-grounded days for myself.

So, here’s my plan.

I’m going to weave in well being with my sari style posts. (After all, a sari lifestyle is so much more about wearing a pretty sari – it’s about living more consciously, while honoring our roots and inner wisdom). So, there’ll be posts about health, nourishment, self-care and well being here on the blog.

I’ll be hosting a giveaway soon. So do stay tuned.

I may also begin sharing this wellness quest with a few of you ladies through one-on-one coaching (more on that later, but if you want to know more reach out to me at 

Till then, stay well and relish what you have now.

P.S. A big Thank You to Molly for sharing her illustrations! :)


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