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7 Sure-shot Ways to go from Resisting the Sari to Lovin’ It

Did I tell you that there was a time, many years ago, when I didn’t like saris very much? Had someone told me then that I’d not only be gaga over saris and that I’d go on to write sari style articles and even a book (Everyday Sari Style) about them one day, I’d have rolled around with laughter.

sari style
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My relationship with saris was difficult at the best. I loathed the tussle that ensued every time I got one out from my trousseau box, wrestling with the pleats and pallu for hours, wondering if sari-wearing was some kind of new workout. I also didn’t think that saris were chic. Wearing them once in a while was okay, but give me a pair of smart trousers or even a party gown for dressy occasions. That’s what I used to think at that time.

In a nutshell, I believed that saris were fussy and belonged to our mothers’ generation. How wrong I was!

classic saree style
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If you think that sari-wearing can be time-consuming or fussy, or that a pair of stone-washed jeans is better for a day out, then here are some tips to help you ease into the 6-yards of magic, and eventually fall in love with it.

1. Choose a few saris that you like the look and feel of. Don’t start your sari-wearing ‘career’ with textures that you don’t enjoy. If heavy brocaded silks aren’t your cuppa or if blingy net saris don’t light your fire, then don’t feel pressured to wear them (just because these came as part of your trousseau or they are your mom/mom-in-law/spouse/best friend/partner’s favorite.) So, if pastel-hued chiffons or crisp cottons or soft Maheshwaris entice you more, keep those saris handy.

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2. Let go of perfection. Saris are often associated with the ‘just right’ look. But I beg to differ. So what if your pleats are little uneven or if your pallu is shorter than you meant it to be? So what if after all the effort, your cotton sari comes out a tad crumpled or that silk one looks a teeny bit scrunched? The sun will still shine, the sky will hold up and the day will be just as bright as you let it be. When you’ve just started wearing saris or are wearing them after a very long break, don’t aim for perfection. Aim for happiness – the warm, fuzzy feeling that comes with looking regal in a sari.

3. Don’t be too concerned about wearing a matching blouse. In my opinion, always matching your blouse to a sari can get tedious and a wee bit boring. I used to have stacks of matching blouses to go with my saris, but I really started having fun the day I gave those away and brought out my t-shirts and tops to mix-and-match with my saris. So, get wacky with your blouse options.

funky saree blouse
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4. Make your ensemble exciting with funky accessories. A necklace with chunky beads or one with a large silver pendant; beautiful dangling earrings or that classic jhumka; an armful of jingling bangles; a large round bindi; or, some bohemian spectacle frames. Choose a couple of accessories to add sparkle to your already dazzling sari.

5. Take help but also learn the tricks. It’s totally normal to get your mom, friend or spouse to help you with the pleats. But every time you wear a sari, also pay a little attention to ways to make the sari-wearing quicker. (Sari Divas – would you like to share some tips to wear saris quickly? Do let me know in the comments section.) It’s these little tips and tricks that add to your confidence in wearing and carrying off the sari.

Casual saree style
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6. Do casual in saris. As sari novices, we tend to put a lot of pressure on ourselves to get the look right while getting ready for an occasion or a big party. We’re way too conscious about how we’re looking in a sari and scared that the pleats will unravel the moment we step into the crowd or hop onto the dance floor. This messes up with the special feeling that a sari generally bestows upon its wearer. So initially, try wearing saris to restaurants, for movie dates or for a coffee evening with friends. As you ease into the outfit and are able to own your sari style, you’ll feel more confident dressing up in a sari for a major event.

7. Don’t compare yourself to others. When I’d started wearing saris, I’d always feel that the other ladies at a party were so much more confident or well put-together in a sari than me. This made me wish that I’d been wearing a trouser-suit or a dress rather than this 6-yards of fabric that I kept stumbling on. Looking back, I feel that saris are like journeys. You do go from being a self-conscious sari greenhorn to a confident sari queen. But it takes time. And the best way to enjoy this journey is to have fun every single time we wear a sari!

Sari style

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How do you make sari-wearing fun for yourself?

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