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Everyday Sari Style – 22 Ideas to keep it fresh, fun and fuss-free (and a Gift inside!)

If you’re reading this, then chances are that you love saris. The way they look – like butterfly wings; the way they feel draped on you – soft as butter; and, what this garment brings out in you – the regal bearing of a queen. A sari does that to every woman who chooses it over a hastily put-together ensemble. It makes you special even on an ordinary day.

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It is this need to share the beauty and versatility of the sari that nudged me to craft my first sari post a couple of years ago. At that time I didn’t know that there were so many of you who loved saris or who, wanted to start wearing it more often. Every sari style post that I wrote was a way to curate all the little tips and lessons that I had garnered in my journey of going from not enjoying saris to falling head-over-heels in love with the garment.
About simple and practical ways I have used to enhance my sari ensembles by incorporating all sorts of daily items like old t-shirts, jholas, gypsy jewellery, big round bindis, spectacles and a whole lot more. About ways to look just as cool and trendy in saris as you’d look in that Little Black Dress.

And interestingly (and much to my amazement) every sari post I rustled up was received with just as much joy and celebration from each one of you.
So, to answer the sari style questions that come my way and to collect each of these posts in one place, I created Everyday Sari Style. A handy little ebook with 22 ideas to make your sari style fresh, fun and fuss-free.

everyday sari style tips

Whether you’re a sari-wearing veteran or someone who wants to start draping it but isn’t sure how to create an exclusive sari style, or even someone who thinks that saris should just be brought out for family functions or parties, my collection of Sari Style articles will have lots of doable tips for you to try out. To makeover the way you wear your sari and the way you perceive this 6-yards of fabulousness.

Everyday Sari Style is my gift to you. It’s not only packed with articles you’ll enjoy, but also illustrated with photographs from my personal album as well as with pictures of some of you: stunning saris divas, who let me use their photos to make this book the gem that it is.

So, go ahead and get your Free copy of Everyday Sari Style by just signing-up via the Subscribe form on Once you confirm, you’ll receive a link from where you can download the ebook onto your laptop, tab or mobile device.

I’d also like to mention that when you subscribe, you’ll also receive blog updates from my little corner of the web world ( This way, whenever I have a new sari style post or an interesting personal nugget, I can reach you quickly.

Please feel free to share all this sari goodness with your friends, who enjoy saris. And please share the ebook by asking them to subscribe instead of sending them the ebook (thank you!).

Hope you have fun reading this ebook and trying out the tips! And here’s the list of chapters in the ebook.

Everyday Sari Style: Table of Contents

Chapter 1:         6 Myths about the Sari
Chapter 2:        Why I love the Sari
Chapter 3:        6 Reasons why the Sari is more than just eye-candy
Chapter 4:        7 Ways to Ditch the Matching Blouse and Go for Quirky
Chapter 5:        5 Ways to Pick the Right Bag(s) for your Sari(s)
Chapter 6:        5 Nosepins to wear with saris
Chapter 7:        6 Types of necklaces that look great with a sari
Chapter 8:        5 Tips to Rock the Sari + Spectacles Combo
Chapter 9:        How to Pair Shirts with Saris – 8 Tips to Get You Started
Chapter 10:      3 Types of Gorgeous Flat Footwear to Wear with Your Sari
Chapter 11:       Can a short hairstyle go with a sari?
 Chapter 12:     9 Ways to Recycle and Reuse to Rock your Sari Style
Chapter 13:      The Quick Sari Look – 6 Ways to Master the Look in Minutes
Chapter 14:      7 ways to style a 100 saris
Chapter 15:       7 Ways to Create a Simpler Sari Lifestyle
Chapter 16:      Winter Sari Dare – 5 Ways to Stay Warm and Smart in a Sari
Chapter 17:       6 Ways to Stay Cool in a Sari during the Summer
Chapter 18:      The Summer Sari in the Workplace
Chapter 19:      Can Caucasian Women Look Good in Saris – Tips to Help You Ease into the Sari
Chapter 20:      #100sareepact – 6 Ways to Ditch Those Excuses and Wear a Sari More Often
Chapter 21:      4 Rules that the Sari Requests
Chapter 22:      4 Ways to Share a Sari and Make a Difference during the Festival Season

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  1. Hi, it was a pleasure reading through your saree posts. New subscriber here. Is this ebook still available, do let me know. :)


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