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Fauji Wife Sari Style - Standing Out In That Regiment/Squadron Sari

Earlier, when I’d hear about ladies of entire (fauji) units wearing the exact same sari, I’d roll my eyes and wonder why anyone would want to turn up in the same thing? I mean, why 'uniformalize' the sari for a party, even a super special party? (Ah! do wait...the gorgeous photos will change your mind.)

Photo credit: Strand of Silk

Over the years, I’ve seen ladies of units place an order for and dress in saris for official occasion that represent their unit colors (example: red & gold, or blue & white, black & gold), and the impact has been stunning. Instead of blending in, ladies decked up in that same shade of sari, stand out and proudly so. Wearing the same sari on a planned date generally takes place when there is something momentous happening for that particular unit – like a Raising Day function or a jubilee celebration, or sometimes even when the ladies are hosting a Ladies Club event (monthly evening get-togethers hosted by ladies of a particular unit and often with a theme).

Today, thanks to my fauji lady friends, I’m sharing some of their photographs.

Says Anagha Kulkarni, “This pic is from  April 2013, from the Golden jubilee celebrations of 28sqn The First Supersonics at Jamnagar. When we ladies had to decide on a saree for the mega celebration it was but obvious that we chose the Bandhani of Gujarat.”

Here’s another one that Anagha sent and I personally LOVE the saris in this one.

She explains, “This picture is from May 2011. The ladies of the erstwhile Suryakiran squadron wore a deep red Crepe saree for the social evening hosted for the station on the occasion of the team disbanding. It truly was an emotional occasion, we chose the red for obvious reasons as the color of the Team.”

Explains Prabhjot Kour, “The Blue saree was in ladies club of our squadron...Pearls n Chiffon theme, while the Black Chanderi saree is for Graduation ceremony at TACDE.”

Harpriya Bains:
“This is a picture of our unit's  Platinum jubilee function at Jammu where my husband was commanding. My husband is in the Corps of Signals and our corps colors are dark blue and green similar to the shades in this saree. I already happened to have this saree in my collection. It’s a pure chiffon dyed saree from Jodhpur in shades of peacock. When I showed it to my ladies and asked them if they would like to wear the same, they loved it and were excited at the idea. So we contacted the Jodhpur saree shop and placed a special order for 8 sarees in the same shade. The saree looked so stunning! 
Then  not only did we get tons of compliments but also requests from our guests to get them the same saree and we landed up ordering 13 more sarees  after the event!!! Was fun and a great experience... we all have wonderful memories attached to this saree.”

Meghna Kohli Vachher tells us about their Corps Day Sarees:
“The sarees you can see us wearing here were specially made for our corps re-union. Blue and yellow being our corps color are very thoughtfully embodied on crepe fabric. There are peacocks printed on the pallu. These sarees were designed by our first lady with the help of a designer.”

Thank you Anagha, Prabhjot, Harpriya and Meghna for sharing these lovely photos with us!

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