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Sherline's Sari Style: Inspired by art & worn with boho-panache

Hello Sari/Saree-loving ladies! Today, we have sari style with an interesting twist.  Sherline Pimenta, a storyteller and Lush Green Wellness member (check out da community – you won’t be disappointed), shares a fun, fuss-free drape with us. 

Here’s what she has to say:

Sherline says:

“This is all about the Sari drape that I've been flaunting:).

The story behind the drape is a simple design problem that I faced.

I am a storyteller and I need to have both my hands free as gesturing is an important component of narrating oral stories. I am also a lover of saris and wanted to use it as my trademark costume for my storytelling sessions.

In the most common way of draping a sari the pallu is left hanging over the left shoulder. This did not allow me to use my hands as freely as I wanted to so I looked at alternative ways of draping the sari.

The other issue was the blouse, I have been losing weight and gaining weight so my blouses just don't seem to fit me well. So I was looking for something that does not show the blouse too much.

Additionally, since I am a performer, I will have people looking at me and I get very conscious if my midriff or cleavage shows.  So all in all i wanted a one step solution to all the above.”

Inspired by art: Explains Sherline, “I was familiar with the traditional Kerala manner of draping the sari through the Raja Ravi Varma paintings. I understood that it is actually a two piece sari that is employed in the Kerala style. I liked that style and I really would have even given up the blouse but alas I am not that daring. So I tried to do the best I could with what I had.”

How to wear this drape: “My sari is the normal 5 yard one. My blouse is a crop top. You could use your regular sari blouse or a T shirt or a crop top. Just keep in mind if the sari is transparent the blouse will be seen and therefore you would want to choose wisely what would look good even underneath the sari.

For draping you begin like the normal sari drape, when you get to the pleats, instead of bunching up all the pleats in the center you spread them out over the front half of your body, kind of like a skirt. This will give you a skirt like volume beneath the pallu.

For the pallu, take it around you body like you would in a normal sari, the side that comes to your left shoulder you hold a bit of the material in your left hand against the front left side of your chest. Pull up the rest of the pallu from behind you and underneath your right arm. Leave about 8 inches of material free from the pallu end of your sari and grab the upper side of the saree into a bunch to be united with the material you are holding in your left hand and tie into a comfortably tight knot. 

Then go to the leftover 8 inches of the pallu that is hanging down in front  on your left side, pleat it up and pull up the tip and tuck it over the knot to mask it. Spread the top corner into a neat little triangle. Arrange the pallu pleat like a waterfall pallu, to give it a nice fall. And viola, you are done. :)”

Work in progress: “Please note this style of draping the sari is my work in progress, while I am pretty happy with the "handsfree part" I am not totally happy with the way the pallu falls in the front. I need to experiment a bit more. Also I have been using cotton saris, I have yet to see how silk with behave.
On the positive side, I've not used a single safety pin and I am glad because i do it like the holes them make in my precious saris; but on the other hand I have to deal with the sari material getting pulled into a knot.

Every part of me was covered & no cleavage showing, the focus is totally on the sari rather than the blouse :) so yes I am happy with my solution!

Well that's all I have to share about my sari draping style :)”

Thank you, Sherline, for sharing this drape and style with us.

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  1. Love this style..must try it out...when i go for my newspaper bag making workshops!!!


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