Tuesday, November 19, 2019

5 Ways to work your way out of those excuses for not working-from-home yet

Do you really, and by this I mean, really want to work? Have you wanted to set up a home office from your corner of the country? Have you been thinking up ways of slipping in a few hours of work besides bringing up your kids and looking after your home? But at the same time, have you found yourself giving excuses, when the time comes to getting down to the brass tacks and setting up that work-from-home career? Here are ways to work through those excuses and come out shining:

wprk-from-home problems
Work-from-home Issues & Solutions
 1. “I want to work but I don’t have any time.”

Action step: List out all those things that are filling up your day. Packing school lunches, tending to a toddler, cooking dinners, changing diapers. Think really hard. What else might be taking up your time? An hour on Facebook, impromptu coffee or chat sessions with friends and neighbors, online shopping, television serials?

If you really want to work from home, are you willing to use some of your shopping, chatting or messaging time to work on assignments? Once you figure out where some of your extra time is going, you can use those hours to lay the foundations of a home-based business or get a work-from-home assignment.

 2. “I want to work but my time goes in doing something or the other.”

Action step: Define "something or the other". For this, you'll need to be very honest. "Something or the other" can mean different things for different people, but often some of those things are activities that can be either done quickly or be done away with in order to make time for work.

3. "I want to work but I can’t spare eight hours in a day.”

Action step: That’s totally fine. Work doesn’t mean a full working day, or clocking corporate hours. Unless of course, you’re looking at working for a company from home, where in most cases you’d either have to work the same hours as the other employees or clock in a certain number of hours every day. 
When you work-at-home on your own venture or freelance career or on an assignment, you can create the hours you want by tailoring your goals accordingly. If you have a baby or toddler, then you may want to work just a couple of hours a day. Or, if your kids are at school, then during the hours that they’re away. 

 4. “I want to work but don’t know what to do.”

Action step: Sit down with a notebook and pen, and list out your qualifications, what you're good at, what interests you, what you'd like to learn. Do you want to learn photography, are interested in silver jewelry, are good at writing and are a qualified teacher? Maybe you'd like to teach online classes, freelance for magazines, source and sell silver jewelry or start a photography business once you've mastered it yourself? Or, maybe, you'd like to start a blog with your own content and photos, or teach photography classes? Combine or use the items from the list to zero down on what you'd like to do for a living. (I’ll do a complete post on this later).

 5. “I want to work but can’t do anything in this godforsaken place.”

Action step: Are you living in the boondocks, either in a military base far away from civilization or in a really small town with no work opportunities? If yes, then I know perfectly well what you’re talking about. I’ve spent 14 years of my married life as well as my work-from-home life in places so remote that you couldn’t find a pair of decent jeans, a cup of branded coffee or even a solo bank account (for women) in any of these rural areas. 

But hey, living in the boondocks doesn't mean the end of your professional life. If anything, it can spur you on to do something that you really enjoy and that too from home. So get your notebook and tick off this checklist.

Do you have a phone, internet connection, a laptop or computer, and an idea, qualification or interest that may help you earn money? If you've said yes to most of these, then you can set up your home office in the boonies with some planning and know-how (You can read this book to know more).

Ask yourself:

Are your reasons for not starting your own venture, real issues that you can solve or excuses that you can banish with some soul searching?

Have you made a list of the things that are stopping you from working, so you can find solutions to those?

Would you like excuses to hold you back from doing something that could bring you so much happiness?

Can you make a list of all the positives in your situation that you can use to do something?

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