Tuesday, November 12, 2019

6 Reasons why military/fauji wives stop working

The military spouses/ fauji wives I meet are a talented and well-qualified lot. While a small percentage of them change over to a teaching profession to suit the nomadic life of military families, many ladies put their professional lives on the back burner because of lack of appropriate job opportunities.

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Here are some of the most common reasons fauji wives press the pause button when it comes to working.
1.     “I can’t find a job to fit my qualifications.” This is the most common lament. When you live at back-of-beyond military bases with interesting job opportunities just as rare as the sparrow, it can be a demoralizing factor for many. 
2.   “Social and volunteer commitments take up all my time.” I agree, that within the defence services of our country there's often a lot to do when it comes to parties, welfare activities, and other social events. If you let it, all of this can take the place of professional work. But even though you can easily have a full calendar of events, with some gumption and prioritizing, you can juggle both – work and the social scene at your base. 
3.   “I don’t think I have what it takes to be a work-at-home entrepreneur.” Time and time again, I’ve seen military wives/ fauji wives give up on entrepreneurship even before they’ve taken the time to understand what it involves. When it comes to a job vs. your own venture, most prefer the former, even when there aren’t any good jobs on the horizon. Being your own boss seems like this huge mountain that is difficult to scale.
4.   “Working-from-home on your own seems flaky.” Working-from-home can seem elusive because nobody can actually see you working. You’re tucked into a corner of your spare room, tapping at your laptop or attending to a client call (maybe even in your pajamas sometimes), and to the families in your community, you seem like a lady with too much time on hand. 
5.    “I need a boss and fixed hours.” Well, while I can suggest inducing a good measure of self-discipline to start working-from-home, if you feel that you can’t manage your time without a boss or office, then this series may not be for you. Sorry about that.
6.   “I need a few more people to join me in my work.” Even though I lean heavily towards being asolopreneur, I understand that some folks prefer working in a group. But there are so many other things to consider if you’re looking to start your venture with a group of people, especially when you’re a military/fauji wife staying away in the boondocks, while your work partners might all be in snug offices in bigger cities.

Ask yourself:
Do you have a certain belief that’s stopping you from creating a work-from-home career?

Are you willing to re-think the working-from-home scenario and give it a good shot?

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