Friday, June 13, 2014

Baby N turns 11-months-old!

11 months – seems just like yesterday but at the same time there’s been a lifetime of living and learning within the span of these months.

The months whooshed by; the days crawled at the speed of a baby just learning to move around.
11 months of babyhood and motherhood. 11 months of getting used to brand new roles and changing identities.

Days filled with exhaustion have given way to can-deal-with tiredness. Nights of hardly-any-sleep have morphed into nights with sporadic interruptions.

Not knowing what to do with a baby to slipping into my own mothering groove. From doubting my motherhood skills to being more at ease with who I am, the kind of mother I am and will be.

For N, it’s been about finding his rhythm in this world. It’s been about turning into a little boy from the swaddled and bundled version of a pupa.

From lying on the bed helpless to exploring his little haven with a crab-like scuttle.

From waiting to be entertained and taken around to playing on his own.

From gummy smiles to toothy grins. From being loved to lovin’ back with sloppy kisses & cuddles.
It’s been 11 months of learning, for N, for me, for all of us.

And every single day, as the sun sets on the day and I rest my head on the pillow, curling up next to Baby N, I send out gratitude for this little baby of ours. This baby who is quickly morphing into a boy, and will be a young man with broad shoulders and chiseled features in a blink.

Three cheers to 11 months of babyhood & parenthood!

Photographs & Text by chandana banerjee

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  1. So good to see the progress that Neel and his parents are making! Your blog makes me feel like I've met and known the little one


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