Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Book review: Replenish by Lisa Grace Byrne

I picked up a copy of ‘Replenish’ by Lisa Grace Byrne– a Certified Holistic Health Coach and mommy to three kids, just when I needed a sip of nourishment, a helping of wellness wisdom, a spot of quiet to sit in, a pick-me-up to infuse me with energy. I have a seven-month-old baby boy, a chubby bundle of naughtiness, who is a joy to be with. But like any mother of a young child, I get exhausted caring for my little one. My day is filled with an assortment of baby-related tasks – nourishing my baby, massaging and bathing him, playing with him and keeping him entertained and happy, taking him for walks and strolls several times a day because he loves to be outdoors. Between all this, I try to get some writing and writing-related work done in the thin slivers of time that I manage to snatch from a super-busy day. A book review here, a bunch of posts there, a smattering of social media on the go. And when I’m not doing any of this or rather, along with all of this, I’m eking out time for my husband, family, friends. It’s a busy season of life for me, just like for many of you who are reading this.

So this book came at a time when I was going to bed very exhausted; when my energy levels were dipping by late afternoons; when I was feeling drained out like an ocean without water. As a trained Holistic Health Coach, I knew that I needed to do something about it, but like every mommy and busy woman out there, I too needed a nudge. I needed a few ideas, some inspiration, someone to be accountable to. And ‘Replenish’ did just that. Reading it was like talking to my own Health Coach. Starting every new chapter was like turning up for a new health coaching session.

With chapters that etch out the journey that we mothers undertake and the refreshing sips of replenishment that each of us could use to fill our pools and top up our tanks, this book is for every mother raising young kids. Every mother, who needs me-time and isn’t able to find some. For every mom who feels like she’s been hit by a truck by mid-afternoon and loathes feeling so drained, when the stars aren’t even popping out in the sky. It’s for those, who want to, but cannot find the time, energy or inspiration to add tiny nuggets of gold to their lives; who want to lead an enriching life in spite of being in one of the busiest seasons of their lives.

The chapters, well-written and conversational, talk about the seven core essentials that help us add energy and beauty to our busy lives – Calm mind, Sovereign thoughts, Nourished body, Restorative rest, Joyful movement, Anchored quiet, and Authentic connection. Within each of these core essentials, the author, who specializes in wellness for mothers, gives an array of simple and doable ideas. Like squares of dark chocolate, each of the ideas is delicious, nourishing and a treat in itself. None of these take hours to do, but just picking a few and adding them to your otherwise packed schedule, can fill your day with happiness and your life with a sense of calm.

In fact, I’ve incorporated some and they’re helping me stay perked up. I’m journaling again. I’ve brought out my paint box and am creating art after a very long break. I’ve set some time aside for writing. And I’m practicing Reiki for a few minutes every day. I’ve also started guarding my energy, like a dragon guarding a treasure chest (ok…that was a bit exaggerated), knowing when, where and who can drain my limited resource. So, all in all, reading this book now, when I so needed something like this – a dollop of doable wellness wisdom for mommies, was synchronicity in itself.

Mommies – if you need to replenish yourself, if you need a spot of calm in your busy season, here’s something that might help. Here’s a book that you may like to treat yourself to, one chapter at a time, one sparkling idea at a time.

You can buy the book here and here (I bought the Kindle version).

You can find out more about Lisa at her website.

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