Wednesday, February 12, 2014

The 1-month Milestone & a Thank You note for you

Photo source: hellojenuine

Today, my personal blog turns one-month-old. As a new mother, I’ve got used to keeping track of the months, of celebrating every milestone. So, just as my baby turns seven months old (tomorrow), my blog and ‘writing baby’ turns one (month) and it calls for celebration or rather, gratitude.

Thank you, readers…for sharing this journey with me as I cruise the blog world, or rather rush up here every other day, skidding across the page with a smattering of words. With a fistful of words and a head full of thoughts I weave together posts and personal stories in the thin slivers of time that I carve out from my mommy days. Days that revolve around an almost-7-month old baby, his little routines, his big needs…his toys and books, bath and food, walks and cries, gurgles and chuckles.

I’m a writer mommy, so I write…to get my stories down on paper before they disappear under the debris of everyday living. I write so I can process life and motherhood. And I’m a new mother, so I juggle my different roles and drop a few every now and then. So thanks people, for reading what I write, dropping by and leaving your words (through Facebook and Blogger). Thank you…those of you (you know who J), who help me find this time to write, to squeeze through the tiny window of my writing world.

So, stay on the page and walk with me as I write out my journeys. Follow the trail of words as I run, walk and crawl through the terrains of motherhood and life.


  1. Congratulations!Looking forward to many more anniversaries and milestones.

    1. thanks Pallavi...happy to have you on this journey...


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