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5 Do’s and Don’ts for wearing Summer Saris in the Workplace

Summer’s are here and promising to go full-bore very soon. With sunshine pouring in like molten lava, the hot air chafing our skin, and not to mention the sweat sticking to our skin, summer’s a season when you can only think of very airy clothes for the workplace and super short clothing for home-wear.

Choose cool, breezy fabrics

Saris are often not preferred as the ideal work-wear during this fiery season – it sometimes feels too cumbersome to wrap a sari around you when all you want to do is fling on something soft and cool. Well, it need not be like this. You can be a summer queen in your gorgeous saris with just a little know-how. 

Here are 5 tips (the do's) to rock your sari style this summer:

Soft cottons for the summer workplace (Priyanka Mehta Mahanty)

1. Your comfort-quotient depends a lot on the saris you choose to wear. I like to pick the breeziest and softest of fabrics in this hot and muggy season. My personal favorites are Kota Doria, crisp Bengal taant cottons, block-printed mul and river-like chiffon leheriya saris. Georgettes are also very popular with sari divas.

Pick earthy or cool hues (Pri)

2.Choose your colors with care. It’s a known fact that colors have a strong impact on one’s mood and the way they feel. While fiery colors like bright reds, hot pinks and oranges are great for evening wear or to a fancy event, try softer and cooler shades like pastels, creams, blues and indigo & earthy tones like brick reds, greens and ochres for office wear. This color palette also suits the office ambience, exuding confidence and calm.

Choose your sari blouse with care (Pri)

3. Wear the right blouses with your saris. While it is tempting to wear blouses with very deep backs, halters or strappy sleeves, reserve those for evening outs with your better half or friends. I recommend wearing a blouse with short sleeves sans any deep cut for your workplace. You can even wear a sleeveless blouse, provided it’s a done thing in your office.

Add a dash of whimsy with your accessories (Pri)

4. Add some quirky to your ensemble with your accessories and jewelry. Wear a pair of dangling earrings or the classic jhumka. Or, slip on a chunky necklace. Or, maybe a few silver bangles? Don’t forget the red bindi or any bindi of your choice.

5. Slip your feet into a comfortable pair of sandals. Remember that you’ll have to be at work for several hours and you don’t want your feet to hurt at the end of the day.

5 things you don’t want to do while wearing summer sari to your workplace:

Reserve those halter blouses for the evenings

1. Don’t wear a blouse that’s way too funky or sassy for your work place. The look you’re aiming for is fresh, confident and elegant; not, sassy.

2. Don’t pick a sari that’s too gauzy or glitzy.

3. Don’t overdo your jewelry or accessories or wear pieces that jingle too much. You want your ensemble to look stylish or quirky, but you do not aim to look like a Christmas tree.

4. Don’t team up a pair of stilettos with your saris, because even though that may look uber stylish, you want to stay comfortable while working.

5. Don’t choose a bindi that’s too blingy or make-up that’s way over the top. Reserve those for your evening outs.

Do you have any particular questions about wearing saris to your workplace?

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