Thursday, March 1, 2018

That Elusive Summer Dress and 6 Simple Ways to Style It

There's always some kind of design/dress/sari/shirt that we have an idea of in our minds, maybe gleaned from a magazine or a photograph, that we cannot really get our hands on. Either we're in a place that really doesn't have stores that stock those designs, or those pieces of apparel look better on others when you see it in reality, or some other little hurdle that keeps you from adding it to your wardrobe. For me, it was the summer dress.

I’d been looking for a summer dress that’d be crafted out of handloom, block-printed fabric for a very long time. But most of the dresses I came across were either made of polyester or had a pattern that just didn’t suit me. And, whenever I did find something that I liked, the right size would elude me.
But finally, I stumbled across not one but three dresses that fit me to the T at a craft bazaar. 

Here’s moi in one of my summer dresses – what better way to say ‘hello’ to this fiery, feisty season than shedding the layers of winter woolens and wearing something that makes you feel like a summer princess J.

O Summer, treading softly on the toes of winter
Melting the mist with your sunny fingers
Showering gold, burnished and hot
Like molten lava poured from a pot.
When you’re here, it’s time for soft, mushy cottons
Breezy saris and dresses in pastels, creams and the colors of autumn
Let me enjoy you before you turn up the heat and sweat
Let me celebrate the newness of you, like an old friend I’ve again met.

4 Simple ways to style a full-length summer dress:

If you’re wearing handloom cotton dresses this summer, go totally desi with your look. Here are some ways to stay cool and look great in your summer dress:

1. Loop a breezy dupatta or stole around your neck. I prefer dupattas made of fabrics like Kota doria or mul cotton in this hot season.

 this is Sreyashi, whose style I adore...

2. Wear a bead necklace or one made with threads and silver, like a coin necklace.

3. Go full out with your jhumkas, because when you’re teaming them with a dress, the bigger, the better. Or, just choose a pair of metal or bead earrings from your collection to go with that dress.

4. Wear a round bindi. It’s gonna add to your look.

5. Try on a beautiful nose pin.

6. Slip your feet into traditional juttis or Kolhapuri chappals. Alternatively, a pair of Converse or hand-painted plimsoles will add a dash of quirky to your outfit.

So, how are you planning to wear your dresses this summer?

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