Sunday, January 12, 2014

Why this blog was born

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I’m a writer. I’ve been one since my school days. The writing I’ve done so far has been on assignment for newspapers, magazines and companies. But the kind of writing that you do where you twirl your feelings on paper, like an ice queen skimming over a sheet of white, has been reserved for my journal and the crevices of my mind.

While my true thoughts have always been left to swirl around in my mind, like snowflakes in a snow globe, my professional writing has always been structured, organized, like rows of school kids in neat uniforms.

But here, in my slice of the web world, I will marry both – my written words with my raw thoughts. This little marriage, like most marriages will bring forth a box-full of reactions. From smiles to frowns, raised eyebrows to caught-in-the-eye tears. But then that’s how it works with something raw and true. It strikes a chord. It gets stuck like a grain of sand. It resonates.

I could just carry on thinking about writing down my thoughts without doing anything about it. Or, bottling them away for a book someday. But I want to ponder, post, record and blog about the tangle wood of my thoughts because I’m just so tired of not being the true me most of the time. I’m tired of censoring every opinion and every sentence, of shoving truth under the proverbial carpet, of feeling lost in a haze of false niceties and social chitchat. I’m tired of being judged for not being a Stepford wife in this community where your duty as a military spouse is to don the mantle of a wife full of gloss and goss; for having grey cells and carving a niche of my own; for being someone who speaks her mind. For just being Me.

So, it’s time to spill my honest thoughts, to feel the wind beneath my wings. And the best way I can do this is by writing and thinking, sharing and posting.

Welcome dear readers, to my blog. Honest, happy, raw – my thoughts dance out their war dance here at ‘Chandana Banerjee’. Join in!

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  1. Congrats on breaking free - again! I have always loved your writing - the more honest the better - and am SO looking forward to reading your pieces. And of course, thanks to the 'Smokey Bandit' for the wonderfully supportive photography!


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