Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Sketchbook Story – The Girl with Blue Hair

art by chandana banerjee

Blue and tied in two carefully-careless ponytails, the color of this little girl’s hair makes her stand out in the crowd. It’s not just her hair…it’s her. She’s different. And I’m glad to say, she takes it all in her stride and is happy to be who she is.

A combination of sweetness and spunk, Joy, in her ice-lolly colored dresses and rosette hair bands is making the most of the last summer blooms. Before lava-like heat floods the place, the little girl is out to play, reveling in the colors, in the rhythm of nature.

Chattering to herself (and to her tiny friend), she plays with the fairy, who lives in the corner of her garden.  Joy paints the flowers in jewel tones, sips tea from a tiny tea cup, reads a story book, lolls around on the grass. She plays in her garden, on her own and with her fairy friend, soaking up the summer and the simplicity of the days.

Joy’s formula for joy: sunshine + color + laughter + making the most of 'now' = happiness J

P.S Every Wednesday, you’re invited on a journey into my sketchbook, where you can help yourself to a short story. A story or a bunch of words, a doodle or a painting to treat the child in each of us. To lighten up for a moment when the grown-up world is whizzing up to speed with its constant busyness. 


  1. Yes…I too knew a ‘sweet’ little girl who did these things :) …spent hours in the garden, playing and chatting with her fairy friends. And while she is grown-up now, I can see that she still remembers those days…and maybe, sometimes re-lives them through her beautiful drawings and writing :) ! Carry on :) !


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