Thursday, April 17, 2014

What I’ve learnt so far at 30 Days, 30 Queries

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Last week, I had mentioned a journalism course that I’ve working my way through. 30 Days, 30 Queries taught by Mridu Khullar. A marketing and query writing e-course for freelance journalists and writers, who want to explore new markets, test their writing boundaries and add more feathers to their cap. Delivered right into my inbox every morning, with lessons that are enlightening and empowering, this course is worth every penny of its $99 fee.

So as I sit bang in the middle of the e-course, let me give you a peek into what’s it been like for me these past two weeks.

This is how Mridu Khullar & her course are making me think, work, assess and prioritize:

1. I’m Finally sending out queries to several international magazines – a goal that I’d been scribbling and then scratching off every year.

2. I know now that writing and sending a query should not be a nerve numbing task that needs days and days lavished upon it.

3. The more queries you send, the more comfortable you get at it and the more you want to do it (yes, I’m still talking about queries!).

4. If I want to crack and continue writing for international magazines for the next several years, then it makes sense to start streamlining the information I collect, the information that forms the bedrock of a freelance journalism career.

5. As a writer and journalist, you’re always learning, even if you’ve been playing the field for years.

6. The less intimidated you are of queries, the better it is for you as a writer.

7. You get a little better with every query you write. And you get a little more confident with every query that you send.

8. It feels so good to push certain boundaries, to try new skies.

P.S.  I’ve sent 9 queries in the last two weeks. It’s almost half the number that we were asked to send till now, but it meets the goal that I’ve set for myself for this month. I've planned to send a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 20 queries in this month - an achievable goal for my life situation right now.

Are you trying something new that’s making you go out of your comfort zone in a good way?

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