Wednesday, July 23, 2014

This is what the past month has been like...

It’s been long. And this is what a month of work and play has led to.

The house has been turned into a home. Life and color and warmth infused into every corner of this sprawling place. The lawn’s been laid out with new grass. The pots are waiting for seeds.

Our picnic blanket’s always ready for an impromptu loll on the lawn. Our dog, Muffin, isn’t sure whether she should be happy or scared of the rambunctious baby, who is always tumbling over her. “Pat, don’t pull” is a chant that rings out through the house every other minute.

The porch with its comfortable armchairs and stack of books, beckons for endless glasses of iced tea, while the outhouse waits for a makeover and a party.

The scorching summer has been benevolent this time, treating us to sporadic periods of pleasant, rain-wreathed days.

Books have been read; old books revisited. Movies (on television and DVD) have been slotted into our days, but chunks of ‘just being’ have won hands down.

I’ve cooked nourishing meals, experimenting with ingredients and sauces. We’ve relished the simple ritual of eating together at the dining table, sharing a meal and a swathe of time.

Life has been simple but fulfilling. We’ve worked hard but played plenty. We’ve done enough but stayed slow. We’ve cherished every minute of coming home, of creating a home after two years of living out of suitcases.

We’ve opened ourselves up to new friendships and different perspectives. We’ve created some affirmations for our family; we’ve ushered in a relevant prayer.

We’re keeping it simple with our joy-health-peace motto and mantra, and it’s balm for our soul.

And hey, in midst of all this, we celebrated a year of Earth time for our kiddo, Neel aka Baby N. With a homemade cake and a single candle, presents and good wishes, little Neel marked the first of his birthdays. (Thank you all of for your prayers and blessings via Facebook!)

So, enough about my life here. What have you been up to this past month?


  1. Welcome back.Glad to know that you are all settled.A belated happy birthday to the little boy with my favourite name.:-).Can I kidnap both the baby and the dog.They are adorable.

  2. this is so lovely Chandana... you're living in the moment


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