Friday, August 29, 2014

6 Style blogs moms can't miss

I’m all for mom style. Two words that tell the entire story - from a post-baby body to getting out of your comfort zone, wearing clothes that are comfy yet make you feel good about yourself, accepting this new body image with an extra layer of chubbiness and rediscovering this new you. Loving yourself and creating your own story by wearing your personal style on your sleeve, literally.

Mom style isn’t about fashion weeks and cat walks. It isn’t about dress sizes and washboard tummies. It’s so not about blindly following what others are wearing and hating what you’ve just slipped into. Mom style is about owning your story and creating your own look irrespective of what others think (because that's why it's called 'personal style'). It’s about ditching the track pants and trying out new combinations, all from what’s in your wardrobe and maybe, a few simple additions.  

So, it’s no surprise that I’ve been tangoing online to 6 style blogs, by moms and for moms. A few of these are out and out style blogs, while the others are online journals with regular style features. So, if you need some inspiration, or just want to hang out with a bunch of moms who own their style, here are 6 places you can hop over to.

1. I just discovered this fabulous website that’s like an online encyclopedia on mommy style with beauty tips and style dares thrown in. If you love style even a little bit and like me, are curious about what goes into creating a look that's stylish yet comfortable, then hop right over to Fox in Flats. I can promise you, you'll love this one!

2. Amber Christopher writes a personal blog with a style feature every now and then. I loved her take on style – functional, comfortable, smart. Completely doable for moms with toddlers in tow. Take a look.

3. The Wiegands - this is a blog that I’m over at often, as much for the words and stories as the style features. Again, what I find alluring about the latter are practicality blended with edginess, budget married with accessorizing, the crafting of a look fused with a mother’s inner confidence. Now go check it out.

4. Clothed Much is a dormant blog, but I still love to peruse the archives, looking for stylish combinations on a budget for the postpartum body. Minimalist style that’s pocket friendly yet extremely practical. If you’re pregnant, have a new baby or even a growing baby, Clothed Much will have ideas ready for you.

5. Now, Falling in Style is a mom style blog that’s uber chic. I know I don’t dress like this (my mantra is boho), but I love how she manages to exude style while mothering four kids. It’s inspiring, when all you manage to do while caring for 1 kid, is slip into a pair of tracks and the shabbiest of tees (umm, I confess, I do that sometimes!). Here's Iva's blog.

6. Secrets of Stylish Moms at the Say Yes blog is just that. A style column featuring moms who know how to dress well. Less about stacking up your wardrobe and more about comfortable clothes, accessories and creating a look around what you like while being a mom. I love this feature; I hope you do too.

I truly am inspired. Are you?

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