Monday, September 22, 2014

Why I've rethought my work goals

I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals over the past 14 months, ever since my son was born. After having worked for several years, both in the corporate office set-up and then as a work-from-home professional, I was ready to take a break (sort-of) when my little boy was born. But, strangely, during those first few months when I seemed to spend a 100 hours on the couch nursing my newborn, my desire to get back to full-time work ignited to a roaring, crackling bonfire. I wanted to work again, and couldn’t wait to get back.

I joined up with an entrepreneur friend to head the content division of her company. But several team meetings and con calls and ideating hours later, I discovered that I needed to write again. To share my stories, to breathe life into words. Managing a team of writers and sitting on con calls wasn’t cutting it for me.
And so I started this blog. To write, to share, to build a community. I wasn’t sure if I’d make any money out of blogging, but after years of having written on demand (assignments for magazines and companies), I was craving a writing realm of my own. A place where I could write what I wanted to, when I wanted to; share a slice of my life online; romp around in a happy heap of stories.

One blog grew into two – the second one – Baby Steps to Working-from-Home, about another passion of mine – working-from-home. I write about starting a career from home, about taking those baby steps that seem so hard at the beginning, to stay true to yourself in the busy jostle of jobs and pay cheques. I also started taking lots of online courses, learning about writing, marketing, art and photography.

As I blogged and studied, and then moved across the country to reclaim my home, I changed and so did my goals. I wanted to write on demand again, and missing my freelance life, I dashed of a bunch of queries to new markets across the boundaries of my country. A few hit the bull’s eye and many didn’t. It takes a LOT of practice to conquer new markets in new countries. I also sent out feelers for guest blogging on other blogs. I was met with a lot of enthusiasm on that front.

But with just these many “free” hours to spend on writing and marketing and blogging, I’ve been feeling stretched. While I love what I do, I’m hardly getting time to pursue other passions that I have been wanting to follow. Things like green living, DIY, painting, homesteading, baking for my baby.

With a 14-month-old baby at home, I know very well that I can’t have it all. Unless of course, I’m willing to let go some of Baby N and my one-on-one time (and I’m not willing to do that right now). So, I’m rethinking my goals for the 50th time in the last 14 months. I’m following my heart and not my head. I’m letting passion lead me on. I’m letting life hold my hand. I’m letting this deep love for living a full life etch out my path for me.

I’ve decided to start my 3rd blog, a blog that I’ve been thinking about for years. I’m excited about journaling the small steps I take to create a greener home, a wholesome life, and holistic health for our family. I’m going to write about the greener choices we make, the little things we do to reduce our carbon footprint, DIY recipes to make everything from home cleaners to lotions and potions, the things I’ve learnt about health and whole foods, slow living and self-care.

I’m going to write about the things I teach my health coaching clients. The things I used to practice and then couldn’t because we lived on survival mode out of two suitcases for two years. A way of life that I’m ready to get back to with gusto.

As I craft this blog, I’ll also write on my other two blogs (I love blogging and creating a community!). I’ll send out hellos to other bloggers and guest blog more often. I’ll still send out a couple of queries, and take on assignments, but the priority right now is on following my heart and following my words. The priority is also on detoxifying and DIY – non-toxic home cleaners and natural remedies, homemade cookies and happy art, aromatherapy health solutions and chemical-free cosmetics, compost for our kitchen garden and creams with luxurious ingredients.

Join me as I seek out a greener, fuller, richer life. And thank you for being my community!

Hello Monday + Happy New Week!

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  1. I can sense you're living a full life, or at least strive to. Good for you! Keep it up.


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