Tuesday, January 27, 2015

What we've been up to lately...

Hello you!

How was the weekend (and the week before) for you?

We did: After two very long, cold and gray months of single parenting and waiting for my husband to come back from one tour of duty to another, we finally got a short weekend together as a family. We travelled to Chandigarh to be with family friends or rather friends who’re so much like family to us. We spent endless hours chatting over hot home cooked meals and mugs of strong coffee. Time like this…is like a warm hand-knitted blanket, like the mellow pool of light from a lamp, like a rain-filled morning spent reading curled up on the armchair. Times like this and love like this wraps your heart in comfort like a hug. You know that home is where a good friend is…

I read: I just completed this fantastic book called Perfect Health for Kids by John Douillard (John also happens to be my teacher from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition, where I studied to become a Certified Health Coach). It’s so practical, so DIY, so comforting. Based on the recommendations, I’ve purchased a few herbs that might do a word of good for our family and am all set to try them out.

I played: With the sun peeking out every few days, Neel and I have been splashing around in the sunshine, soaking up every sunny ray, storing the yellow gold in our cells for the cold gray days.

We watched: We’ve been watching a lot of animated movies lately. On days my husband’s home a wee bit early, we pop in a movie and settle under a warm quilt to enjoy movies like Brave, Smurf 2 and How to Train your Dragon.

I cooked: I’ve been cooking a lot of stir-fries and soups this winter. Packed with veggies, seeds, eggs and chicken or meat, these are versatile, nutritious, quick to prepare and so nourishing. Just the food I crave during this season.

I’m learning: Yoga, both the theory behind the yoga lifestyle as well as the postures. I now realize, there’s so much of difference in practicing yoga for your daily dose of exercise and learning yoga so you can teach others. The latter challenges you physically and mentally; it makes you pay attention to detail; it gets you to slow down.

We celebrated: Our 9th Wedding Anniversary was on January 22. We celebrated with dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. And thankfully, Neel enjoyed the ambience, so we did get a few moments to really chew our meals and soak up the evening.

I’d love to hear what life has been like lately for you.

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