Monday, March 23, 2015

#100sareepact – 6 ways to tackle those excuses and wear a saree more often

I have been quiet on the blog front for this month or more. Not because I don’t have anything to say but because there’s a lot to share and just stray seconds to jot down, find pictures and upload a bunch of posts in. Sometimes life takes over, grabbing whatever slices of online time I have for its own.

But before I reel of all that I have on my mind, I gotta share what’s right on the tip of my tongue. The #100sareepact movement that’s rolling across the merry hills of Facebook and the wide world of the Internet.

Being offline for so much of the time, I was absolutely clueless about #100sareepact. And I am just as alarmed that it’s me, the saree aficionado, who has missed this saree revolution that’s promising to change the way urban Indian women view the saree, one saree at a time, one day at a time.

I stumbled across the #100sareepact, a dare and a challenge, a revolution and a revelation, when some of my readers tagged me, gently letting me know that I’ve nudged them towards their saree closets and saree style. (Thanks ladies, it’s an honor).

So here I am, a bit late but still full of enthusiasm for this rollicking ride, this wonderful challenge that’s nudging even me to step up my saree quotient. To wear them more often in this season of toddler-mommyhood, when a pair of trousers or leggings is what one tends to reach out for than 6 yards of gorgeousness.

If you’re a new mom/toddler mom like me, or a gal who wants to wear sarees but without the frills of it (read: getting more blouses stitched, altering the ones that don’t fit anymore, wearing saris without going crazy figuring out your entire ensemble), here are a few tips.

(Warning: These tips may take more than a dollop of casual + creativity + spunk to try on.)

Psst...I'm wearing a kurti as a blouse here

Problem 1: “My blouses don’t fit me anymore and I can’t find the time to get them altered. So, I guess, I’ll not participate in the #100sareepact.”

Action step: Put aside the blouses that don’t fit right now and reach out for those gorgeous tops, short kurtis and tees that you have stashed away in your closet. Team them up with your saree, preferably wearing a top that complements or is a contrast to your saree. Example: I like to wear printed cotton kurtis with plain tussar saris. Try this tip before discarding it – it sounds crazy but works just fine. I do this all the time.

Problem 2: I have a lot of sarees and haven’t taken them out from my boxes for the past 10 years. I’m not sure if I’m up to the task of hauling them out now for the #100sareepact.

Action step: Choose 10 sarees that’ll suit the season. So, if it’s summer, bring out the crisp Bengal cottons, the breezy Kota dorias and the soft chiffons. Or, if it’s cool where you live, bring out the raw silks and heavy cottons. Bring them out and get them ironed. Bring out the petticoats to match the sarees and arrange all of these in your closet. So, when you want to wear a saree, you don’t have to do the entire drill of dipping into your boxes, rummage for the petticoats, smoothen out the crinkles in the folds. You’ll have what you want, when you want them.

When you’ve worn the 10 sarees, put them back in the boxes and bring out 10 more. Rinse and repeat.

Problem 3: “I haven’t worn sarees for years and I’m not sure how my friends or colleagues will react when I start wearing them.” Or, if you’re like me – “I wear sarees so often that people think I’ve gone crazy and ask me strange questions”.

Action step: Just laugh and let people know that saree is your style. Even add that you’re part of the #100sareepact. And then just brush off those strange reactions. People will get used to you in a saree. And even if they don’t – do you really care or does it really matter?

Problem 4: How do I know what kind of sarees to wear for casual events or formal parties?

Action step: Go with your gut feeling. I often pick that saree up that whispers its story to me on that particular day. You can choose a saree for any occasion or day depending on what color appeals to you, what kind of story you want to create, what look are you aiming for. You can also take the weather into consideration and choose a saree you’re comfortable in.

Problem 5: I want to take part in the #100sareepact but I’m not sure if I’ll be able to wear sarees a 100 times this particular year (this may be your concern if you’ve just learnt to wear a saree / still getting used to being in a saree / are pregnant / have a baby or toddler / are in another country).

Action step: I have this concern too. In this season of life, I’m a stay-at-home mom chasing after a turbo toddler. I live in pajamas and comfy leggings; a skirt or dhoti pants for the days when I’m feeling more vibrant and bohemian. I do wear my sarees to parties and social do’s, but I don’t see myself attending a 100 parties this year. So, what should I do? Drop out of the #100sareepact because I may not be able to wear sarees a 100 times?

I almost thought that that’s what I may have to do if I couldn’t keep up with the pact. But I love the saree too much to not hop onto this particular bandwagon…this merry bandwagon full of vibrant saree-wearers like me. So, this is the deal that I’ve made with myself: I’ll wear sarees whenever I can. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to wear them a 100 times. But I can wear them to my heart’s content within the parameters of my life situation.

I’m going with this motto: wear (a saree) when you can.

Problem 6: I don’t seem to be fitting in what with me wearing sarees so often.

Action step: You’ll never fit in, in a saree, especially in the urban Indian scenario. But you can fit out for your creativity and the stories that your style tells, for your out-of-the-box ideas and your own unique personality – all of this when you drape a saree and step out with confidence.

Are you ready to wear your sarees more often, this year for the #100sareepact and for the years to come?
What challenges do you face in wearing sarees more often? Drop in a line and let me know if I can help.

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  1. Okay! Its time to open that trunk and pick up some sarees!

  2. Beautiful fashion and style blog, as it gives unique idea about the Indian tradition an culture.. saree packing


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