Tuesday, February 19, 2019

‘The Work-At-Home Military Wife’: Why is it a necessary read for military spouses with ambitions and professional dreams of their own?

Hello friends! I have some happy news to share. I’ve just released my first #Kindlebook about creating a work-from-home lifestyle on the move (The Work-At-Home Military Wife – A quickstart guide to creating a pack-and-carry career and work-from-home lifestyle on the move) + a Free ebook with 25 legit work-from-home careers.

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While there are lots of books on work-at-home jobs, there weren’t any for the always-on-the-move military wife. But why is a book like this even necessary, you may ask?

Here’s why:

We’re always on the move. And when you’re on the move, you’re moving on to a new base, a new part of the country (or world), new friends and new horizons. It’s difficult to hold down a permanent job, unless you’re in the military yourself. This often leaves us wondering about what we can do at this new place and how we can use our education and talents to get a job.

We’re often in the boondocks. Several military bases are in farflung areas of the country, with zero job opportunities. In such situations, the choice is often between not working and well, not working.

Work-from-home jobs are few and far between. Not many companies have great work-from-home jobs. And even if you do find a job that you can do from home, it may not always be what you want. Also, in my experience, certain employers tend to exploit the fact that military wives have meager career options and hold back raises and promotions because they feel that in spite of this, the military wife will stick on.

Careers need to be balanced with military commitments. There’s always something to do and somewhere to go when you’re a military wife. When you factor in all the events (parties, welfare meets, coffee mornings, VIP visits) that you have to attend, there’s a lot of tweaking and adjusting that happens with your work schedule. Not many employers will understand this.

Sole parenting can change our work schedule. When the Dad is away on a TD (tour of duty or temporary detachment) and you take on sole parenting responsibilities, your day is a lot more full and you, more stretched than ever. This can leave you craving for more flexibility.

These are just a few reasons why military wives want careers that they can pack-and-carry as they move from one military base to another. We also want work that we can juggle with all our military commitments.

This is why work-from-home entrepreneurship works so well for the military wife. We can do what we love and enjoy, take it along with us wherever we go, and fit it in with all our other responsibilities. While it can be hard work and needs a lot of adjustment, a work-at-home career can really be the cherry on the cake in our military wife sojourn.

My new #Kindle book ‘The Work-At-Home Military Wife’ is all about quick and simple ways to kick start this lifestyle by letting go of myths and fears, learning what you need and launching a career that works for you.

This is where the book is available. You can download it on your Kindle app on your phone or tablet, if you don’t have a Kindle device. Grab your copy here + do read & leave a review if you enjoyed it:

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