Friday, February 14, 2020

8 bite-sized steps for setting up your work-from-home business

Are you all geared up to launch that micro business from wherever you are based and with whatever time you can scrape together to work in? Try out these teeny-tiny steps to create your dream work-from-home business.

Here are some first steps you can begin with:
1.     Write down the basics of what you need to do to launch your business/brand/service/career. When you create a map of the direction you need to take, the journey is much easier and there are fewer chances of getting lost in a cloud of overwhelm.
2.   Assign timeframes and deadlines to the baby steps. When you do this, you strive towards finishing up the tasks within a reasonable amount of time, instead of letting those stretch. You’re also more inclined to stick to some kind of schedule when you know the timelines of your to-dos.
3.   Set up a web presence. Whether you’re creating a virtual venture or setting up a brick-and-mortar shop, you still need to create a web presence these days. And when you work-from-home from the boondocks, then a web page or even a Facebook business page goes a long way in letting your target community know about the services or products that you plan to offer.

4.   Create a portfolio of work. In order to get better projects, you must start creating a portfolio of work that you can show prospective clients. Some of this can be through initial free assignments and subsequent paid ones. For example, if you’re planning to sell your art, then creating various pieces of art, photographing them and posting them on your Facebook business page, Instagram and on your website will let your community know about what you do. Add a giveaway to it to add more visibility to your work. If you’re getting into freelance journalism/writing, write articles for free for ezines and start a blog before you begin pitching for work. If you’re starting a counseling service, offer a free session to anyone interested before offering your paid sessions.
5.    Let people know what you do. I personally find this step the most challenging. More so because I’ve found that folks ask you about what your husband does, but rarely do they ask ladies about the kind of work they do. However, with social media to help, it is easier to share your current projects and work expertise with your community, target market and potential clients. And a generous way to do this is by sharing lots of tips, ideas and free handouts before you pitch for projects or open up your business.
6.   Pitch for work. This could seem like a big step and you might feel like postponing it more by signing up for yet another course or waiting for a time when you feel good enough to start charging for your services. But don't wait too long. After you've learned the relevant skills, taken the basic courses, set up a web presence, built a portfolio and let people know what you do, take the plunge into marketing your work. For example, if you’re a writer, start pitching publications or companies for paid assignments. If you’re an artist, start selling some of your work and/or take part in exhibitions. If you want to teach workshops, do a few free workshops before you take on paid ones.
7.    Register on freelance websites. If you’re providing a service like editing, content writing, book cover designing or making logos, you can research the many websites that connect companies with freelancers. What you also need to check is if you will be able to earn a fair amount through these websites. Try out,, as well as other websites to find some that work for you.
8.   Set up an online store. If you’re selling handicrafts or even digital products that you personally create, setting up an e-store on global crafty markets like or, may be a good way to begin. Read their terms and conditions, and sign up for an account, if it feels like a good fit.

What are your bite-sized goals? Leave a comment below to let me know :).

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Work-from-home business steps for women

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